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Aspire Indiana/Aspire Indiana Health is proud to partner with Genoa Healthcare
to provide full-service pharmacies at four of our health centers.
Onsite Pharmacist
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By having pharmacies available onsite at the same location where our patients receive primary health care and/or behavioral health care, Aspire aims to reduce barriers to obtaining the prescribed medications they need.

In addition, Aspire has a Consumer Medication Coordinator (CMC) at other locations, who serves as a liaison between pharmacy, clinic and patients.

The Genoa Healthcare pharmacy:
· Fills all medications (medical or behavioral)
· Can mail all your medications (at no extra cost) to your home or place of residence
· Organizes your pills based on the date and time you need to take them
· Cares for and gets to know each person on an individual level, serving as an extension of your care team

Experience what
Whole Health for Your Whole Family
really means.

Reach your true potential and live your best life.
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