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Truth or Myth?

This is part of an ongoing series to help us better serve the Deaf Community.


Aspire's professionally-trained staff provide services for Deaf, Deaf-Blind, Hard of Hearing, and Late-Deafened individuals. Our trained interpreters communicate in ASL (American Sign Language), Tactile Sign Language, English Sign Language, Sign Supported Speech, and Spoken English. We provide services in the communication method best suited to the individual and/or family.

In Rehabilitation Services, our care coordinators and life-skills instructors help clients by assessing their needs and developing skills/resources so they can live independently in the community. Our Outpatient Services for Deaf persons helps individuals and families.

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Treatment Planning /
Rehabilitation Services

In planning treatment, professionals skilled in mental health, deafness, and American Sign Language work as a team to assess each potential client, examining his/her capabilities from a medical, psychiatric, social, cultural, educational, vocational, and behavioral perspective. Individualized treatment plans are developed from the results of these assessments, and by utilizing the client’s input to create a comprehensive approach to treatment.

Once a treatment plan is prepared, the care coordinators, life skills instructors/coaches, and therapists are assigned to work with clients, families, and social service agencies to assist in treatment as needed and agreed upon by the client.

Crisis Intervention /
Acute Stabilization Services

Aspire Indiana also provides 24-hour crisis services seven days a week. For those requiring short-term hospitalization, Deaf Services offers acute stabilization admission to Community Hospital North where an ASL interpreter is provided. 

Long-term admission is referred to the Neurodiagnostic Institute where Aspire is designated as a gatekeeper for its deaf clients.

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Outpatient Services

Aspire Indiana’s Outpatient Services for Deaf persons targets individuals and families with a wide variety of diagnoses and needs. The goal is to help clients cope more effectively within their environment.

Outpatient services also include marital/couple and family therapy, as well as pharmacological treatment. With Rehabilitation services, our care coordinators and life-skills instructors continue training clients who move out of our group home to an outpatient setting by assessing their needs and developing skills and resources in order to live independently in the community.

With Employment Services, our Employment Specialist provides training, coaching, and support for clients who are interested in employment at the community.

More Information

Equally responsive to the needs of children, adults, and the elderly, Aspire Indiana Deaf Services provides an ongoing and readily available roster of professionally approved services to Deaf, Deaf-Blind, Hard of Hearing and Late-Deafened individuals who experience mental illness and/or emotional disorders. This nationally recognized program includes:

  • outpatient—ages six and older, psychiatric evaluation, medication prescription, screening, and monitoring
  • acute and long-term hospitalization
  • outpatient rehabilitation services for adults & children
  • substance abuse services for adults
  • anger management groups for adults
  • employment services
  • American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting services

Services for deaf adults and children, offered by Aspire Indiana, include more options than comparable programs in the state. In fact, Aspire Indiana Deaf Services accepts referrals within Central Indiana and throughout the state.

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