School-Based Services are those counseling services provided at a school facility. We treat children of all ages whose behavior and functioning has been impaired by a variety of symptoms associated with ADHD, anxiety, adjustment to trauma and loss, behavioral problems, depression, substance use, and thought disorders, as well as other issues.

We accept Medicaid and many commercial insurance companies. We offer a sliding-fee scale for consumers who are uninsured. 

  • Appointments: (317) 587-0568
  • Medication services: (317) 257-3903
  • 24/7 Crisis: 1-800-560-4038

Types of School Therapies

School-Based Services may include one or more of the following services:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Individual & Group Skills Training
  • Case Coordination
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Medication Management

School-Based Services are available at the following districts/schools:


Carmel Clay School Corporation:

  • Orchard Park Elementary
  • Carmel Middle School
  • Clay Middle School
  • Carmel High School

Hamilton Heights School Corporation:

  • Hamilton Heights Elementary
  • Hamilton Heights Primary School
  • Hamilton Heights Middle School
  • Hamilton Heights High School

 Noblesville Schools:

  • Hinkle Creek Elementary
  • North Elementary
  • Noblesville East Middle School
  • Noblesville West Middle School
  • Noblesville High School
  • Stoney Creek Elementary
  • White River Elementary
  • Promise Road Elementary
  • Noble Crossing Elementary

Westfield Washington Schools:

  • Westfield Intermediate School
  • Westfield High School
  • Monon Trail Elementary
  • Westfield Middle School


Elwood Community Schools:

  • Elwood Elementary School
  • Elwood Intermediate School

Frankton-Lapel Community Schools

  • Frankton Elementary


Zionsville Community Schools

  • Zionsville Community High School
  • Zionsville Middle School
  • Zionsville West Middle School

If you are interested in services for your child, please contact Aspire’s Access department at (317) 587-0568 to create an account. You will provide your child’s name, insurance information, and other basic demographic information. Please let them know that services will be school-based and identify the district and school your child attends.

Once an account is created, the therapist will be notified and will then contact you to schedule an intake assessment. This initial appointment will be at school and typically takes about two hours. When you come for the intake assessment, you will need to bring your driver’s license/photo ID and your child’s insurance card. Only legal guardians may consent to treatment. If you are not the child’s biological parent, you will need to provide proof of legal guardianship.

If you are school personnel, and are interested in more information regarding a partnership with Aspire, please contact Stacy Crouch, Director of School-Based Services for Aspire at