Aspire Indiana, Inc. encourages staff growth and development by providing appropriate orientation and in-service programs for staff members as well as opportunities for participation in educational activities outside the Company to keep employees informed of significant clinical and administrative developments and skills. Staff in-services as well as other mediums of staff development are designed to provide updates and information necessary for the operation of Aspire, increase the effectiveness of service delivery/quality improvement, and provide self-enhancement and personal growth of each staff member. Below is an outline of the types of develop and support Aspire provides to its staff:

Internal Training

  1. In-House Clinical Trainer and Orientation/Training Specialist
  • Extensive Internal Training Series
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Person-Centered Treatment Planning
  • CANS and ANSA State Reporting Tools
  • Evidence-Based Treatments for Trauma
  • Illness Management and Recovery (IMR)

2) Access to extensive web-based training library.

3) Aspire is licensed as a Continuing Education Provider by the Indiana Behavioral Health and Human Services Board

4) Onboarding Support:

  • Extensive New-Hire Orientation
  • Compliance/Billing training
  • Consumer Mentorship
  • Training with advanced Health Information Technology (HIT)
  • Executive Team Interface and Contact
  • Crisis Prevention and Management Training
  • Departmental Orientation

5) Advanced Doctoral training in Psychology

  • Practicum Site for the University of Indianapolis’s APA-accredited Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program

External Development

1) Opportunities for attendance at relevant outside educational programs (conferences, workshops, seminars, institutes, other training opportunities)
2) Tuition Reimbursement Program