Aspire staff members listed below have been recognized for outstanding service through our Way to Go! program. Share your experience with us by filling out the form here.

Misha Bennett
Misha is the first ACE certified (ACORN Certification of Effectiveness) therapist at Aspire. This certifies her clinical care is equivalent to clinical controlled research trials, a.k.a. the best of the best!!

Stefane Borders
Stefane listens to staff concerns and shows obvious care for the clients.

Karen Bozell
Karen helped me through a major billing concern and was very encouraging, helpful, and supportive throughout the whole ordeal (which took many weeks!)! She was even very sick during most of it! She put up with my frustration and anxiety about the situation and made every effort to successfully resolve the problem. Her kindness was very much appreciated. I would not have been able to get through this situation without her! Karen is an asset to Aspire and we are beyond lucky to have her! Thanks, Karen!

Terry Brewer
I just wanted to take a quick minute to say how much I appreciate Terry. Not only in his role as a therapist but as he has become a friend to me. He is truly a caring person that looks out for people. I wasn’t having the best day and just a few texts from Terry really made me feel appreciated and I know it is hard to feel that way with what we do. He is an asset as a therapist and a friend. I very much appreciate him.

Rob Bruce
Rob is an amazing Direct Service Coordinator!! He is a wealth of knowledge and provides great service to both our clients and our staff. He provides training for new staff, ongoing support and guidance for ongoing staff, and is always willing to help or provide coverage. I appreciate his hard work, thorough assessments, and service to the Carmel RST every day!!!

Haylie Buckingham
Haylie came up with a balloon activity where clients drew on their balloon. This activity enhanced their social skills in communication and social conflicts. Clients clearly had a good time! I am impressed how she incorporated this in clients' skills training!

Bari Campbell
Bari- is SUPER WOMAN! She graciously agreed to pick up two very large boxes of files and bring them back to Medical Records. I am ever so thankful for her ongoing willing to help others! THANK YOU BARI!!!!!

Eldon Chodkowski
Eldon shows his genuine care and concern for clients on a daily basis.

Jessica Cloud
Jessica works with a large caseload of home based clients, and travels a lot during the week. Jessica has gone above and beyond to meet the needs of her clients and their families, and continues to provide services with integrity, regardless of daily obstacles.

Andrea Coahran
Andrea repeatedly has been extremely helpful with employee password issues. I frequently contact IT for assistance and she helps me get things ironed out above and beyond expectations. She also has verified someone has followed up with me at times when I have contacted IT with an issue. Without her timely assistance, I'd still be trying to get my employees learning how to use Paycom after that transition. Thank you so much!

Marti Collins
I interpreted an appointment with Marti, and was extremely impressed by the thoroughness and attentiveness she displayed toward the client. She was very engaged and concerned, and truly showed that she was familiar with client's history and background regardless that it was their first meeting. She is a gem, and I want her to know that her work is appreciated!

Neil Eliason
Neil has been doing a wonderful job as the Brown Street ACORN Champion. He has demonstrated his ability to work with staff at all levels and engage them in this process. And he has gone beyond in working to understand the tool and what it offers.

Angela Fleck
Angela has achieved the status of ACORN Certification of Effectiveness, demonstrating her clinical outcomes and use of feedback informed treatment are equivalent to clinical controlled research trials. Outstanding!

Ann Griner
Ann meets our team needs quickly and her support is wonderful.

Laura Hakim
Laura, has been amazing in going out of her way to teach and coach our new intake clinician at Willowbrook. This isn't a staff member she supervises but she has been willing to come to our office to shadow intakes, scheduled the clinician to shadow some of her team members, and has consistently been there to answer questions. Her commitment to the larger Aspire team will allow for our Willowbrook program and the new intake clinician to have the most success. We are extremely grateful for her!

Mendy Harris
A client (CL) asked that I submit Mendy's name for the 'way-to-go' award. Here's the story behind the nomination: Mendy came to my office concerned that a client (CL) was trying to give Mendy a travel coffee mug (over 5.00 in value) as a gift. Mendy knew she could not accept it but did not want to hurt the client's feelings. I told Mendy I would talk with the client to let her know our 'gift' policy. When I explained the policy to the client she said she just wanted a way to thank Mendy for being the, "best LSI I've ever had. She really cares about me and I can always count on her." The client went on to describe how she doesn't know where she would be if not for the help from Mendy when trying to get her kids back and keeping her housing. I told the client about our "Way-to-Go" program and she asked me if I would submit this for her since she does not have a computer nor does she know how to use one. Way to Go, Mendy Harris!!!!!

Mark Harrison
I was very impressed on how he uses his creative problem solving skills with dividing medications in each bag according to the day of the month for clients when they go home for the holiday or vacation. This helps client in improving their medication monitoring skills.

Christy Hernandez
Christy consistently goes above and beyond to complete tasks timely and to communicate with me when I need her expertise. She is excellent at problem solving so we can find the most efficient ways to complete tasks in support of our direct staff and clients. I know I can count on what she says, and I would not be able to do my job as happily without her tenacity, knowledge, and sense of humor.

Peggy Hoy
Peggy has shown tremendous initiative and energy is assisting with client care during a time of shortage in MD coverage in Carmel. She is committed to and passionate about high quality care for our population. Extra long and busy days have been the norm for the past 3 weeks and yet she has displayed patience and positivity. Yesterday she shared with me that "It'll be ok. We'll all get through this rough time". It struck me as a very inspiring message and I wish to recognize Peggy with a great big Way to Go!! Thank you Peggy.

Kristen Larson
A client came to Aspire and was completing his intake. He specifically requested to work with Kristen Larson. When asked why, he stated that Kristen had seen him at the hospital ER for psychiatric consultation. She had been very good with him as he was having extreme anxiety. She was comforting and supportive. She suggested he come to Aspire for counseling. Based on his interaction with her, he was willing to seek counseling for himself.

Nichelle Leavell
Nichelle, has done a really great job of proactively finding solutions to a few key problems with intake flow. This includes recognizing that some client's were getting "lost" between intake and substance use orientation group and then communicating with the team and her supervisor on how to fix the problem. It is extremely beneficial to have a staff member who doesn't just recognize a problem but works to solve it as a team.

Joe Leising
Joe was very prompt and helpful when I moved offices. I emailed him several times with maintenance requests, and he completed the requested work in a very timely fashion! I could not have moved so easily or quickly without his help and greatly appreciate his prompt, willing, and helpful work! Thanks, Joe!

Mary Lyell
Mary went above and beyond engaging with client to ensure safety and getting them into the office for further evaluation in between her scheduled medication trainings in the community.

Brooke Maves
Not only did Brooke rearrange her schedule to come in and complete an urgent intake on a kid earlier today, she came back in this afternoon after leaving the office to transport a client being admitted to CHN whose family would not transport. For Brooke, it is all in a day's work, but her willingness to help, flexibility and teamwork are above and beyond as she demonstrated today.

Stephanie McCoy
Nurse Stephanie was available to help with a client during a therapy session who felt her medication was making her suicidal and emotionally unstable. She was so empathetic and kind and willing to address the client's needs by reaching out to the psychiatrist. It is very reassuring to know that we can count on the team when needed in the moment!

Kerry McLaren, Morgan Kantner, Amanda Page
Kerry and her team did a wonderful job setting up and carrying out the Benefits Fair at Brown Street. Staff had their own personal questions answered in a great forum.

Auburn Miller
Auburn Miller (no relation) is an outstanding knowledgeable and personable therapist. She made great effort to understand how I learn and use information so we could maximize our sessions. She helped me learn how I could help my teen and she taught me what my teen was experiencing with her trauma and choices. She provided me with the tools I could use. She assisted me with ways in which I could change/improve my approach and I saw positive outcomes. She helped me understand what my teen had been thru and what I could do to support her. Mrs. Miller gave me a safe place and allowed me to vent, cry and bare my soul. She also gave me hope and interpreted what may lie ahead for my teen and for me. She never hesitated to share new information and research with me and encouraged me to practice my new skills. I am very grateful to her and wish I had known her 10 years ago. Thank you.

Sandy Nevils
Sandy is always so cheerful, positive and helpful, but she truly went above and beyond last week when we had a family waiting for their ride home to arrive after the office hours in Carmel. Sandy was on her way out the door when she graciously volunteered to wait with this family so that I could go and pick up my own kids because I had no one else to get them from school/daycare. She did it without hesitation and a smile on her face - she truly helped me out and I appreciate being able to work with someone as great as her each day! Thank you Sandy!

Sharon Pettigrove
Sharon did a major quick think and tracked down a package with a quick assist of Bari Campbell so that the package could be re-routed to the correct building and an individual could be enrolled in health care quicker. Way to go TEAM!

Dr. Brett Presley
Dr. Presley had a client who came into his office needing more than a medication adjustment. Instead of just sending him to the front desk to schedule therapy he looked into our therapists book, saw who had an opening and then walked the client down to the therapist for a "warm hand off". This resulted in the client meeting his new therapist, being scheduled immediately and likely a much better outcome for the client.

Jessica Ramey
Miss Jessica demonstrates her knowledge, compassion and creativity each time we meet. She immediately was able to develop a rapport with my child. She earned our respect and gave us hope. She was there when we stumbled and allowed us to practice new skills with confidence and encouragement. She listens to me and our discussions as well as our treatment plans are effective and provide actual results and proven outcomes. Over 12 years, I've utilized 16 therapists and only had 5 that gave me hope: one I had for 3wks but took a job in Ft Wayne, one I had for 7 months but moved to Florida, one I had for 6 yrs and my kid turned 18 and is doing well, one is Jessica Remedy and the other is Auburn Miller (no relation). Jessica let's me cry and she hands me a tissue. We also share a laugh or two. She helps validate my desire to raise emotional healthy grand kids.

Danielle Rivieccio
Danielle has become such an invaluable member to the Carmel RST Team. The focus that she gives her clients and the way she performs the responsibilities of her position is an extremely positive influence that even long time staff can learn and grow from. Danielle is such a pleasure to work along side that the team would not be the same without her. No matter the difficulties that working community-based services can demand from staff, she is reliable, good-hearted, undoubtedly awesome and a prime example for what Aspire stands for.

Mark Sattler
Mark has gone above and beyond in his new role as Director, focusing on engaging employees in creating a positive work atmosphere, and showing true care and concern for the staff at Willowbrook.

Teresa Schmidt
Teresa used her creativity to work with clients because she wanted to see them become successful!! Thank you Teresa!

Randi Selke
Randi is constantly busy, overloaded in fact, but she still takes time to try to understand what I need and to make my vision a reality. She will do anything she can to help my team have an easier time at doing their job. She also tends to see when others might be taking advantage of a situation and always advocates for the fair outcome. She is greatly appreciated, she is an asset to Aspire and we wouldn't be the same without her.

Amanda Stokes
Amanda is a major resource - if she doesn't know an answer, she finds it. She also shows that genuinely cares about the clients daily.

Amanda Trombley
I share multiple client's with Amanda. I am constantly impressed with the ease in which she is able to form an alliance with the clients. Amanda is receptive to feedback and easy to collaborate with on cases. Today I met with a family that was having numerous issues with parenting and behavior management of the child. In three months Amanda has helped the family so much, and mother repeatedly expresses how much she appreciates the services provided. I cannot imagine the progress being so significant without the dedication and professionalism that Amanda brings to work.

Arlene Voltz
I needed the day off at the last minute to be with my family and deal with the loss of a loved one, and this staff picked up the shift so I was able to go.

Lori Webb
Lori has recently transitioned into the school based support staff position. She is doing an excellent job with the school based therapist and training them on the intake process to help streamline it. Lori has also been very helpful in assisting us when we need coverage for front desk support. Thank you Lori for all your help. You are a great asset to our team.

Kristy Willhite
Kristy went the extra mile in handling a community crisis by contacting the appropriate people in order to get the consumer emergency care needed essentially saving one's life!

Lisa Wilson
Lisa always demonstrate thankfulness at work with clients, staff and supervisor. She sent a thank you note to her group home supervisor to express her gratefulness. By being thankful she changes the work environment into a happier place!

Chris Wishmire
Chris is so helpful and fast when I need something done. He makes my job so much easier. He sees a need and fills it and doesn't fuss or make me feel bad when I have to change it 15 times. I want him to know he is appreciated and that his hard work means something to others.

Chris Wishmire
Chris gets back to our team quickly and helps support us.

Help Us Congratulate These Staff Members Who Earned New Licenses!

  • Brenda Joseph - Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Morgan West - Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Ben Wilson - Addictions Therapist, LCAC

Welcome New Employees!

  • Kimberly (Kim) Brass, Payroll Administrator, Admin
  • Molly Chianello, Care Coordinator/LSI-School Based, Noblesville OP
  • Sharon Clabaugh, Support Associate, Noblesville OP
  • Hannah Davis, Life Skills Coach, Deaf Group Home
  • Lexi Dollens, Support Associate, Brown Street
  • Patricia (Patty) Fettig, MSN/RN/APN, Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, AIH Elwood
  • Kelly Gunn, Intake Engagement Specialist, Noblesville OP
  • Angela (Angi) Johnson, LCSW, Director, Comprehensive Services, Lebanon
  • Darius Jones, Life Skills Instructor, Willowbrook RST
  • Essie Jones, Life Skills Coach, Questend Group Home
  • Ryan McCready, Housekeeper, Social Enterprises
  • Malisha (Missy) Neal, Benefits Administrator, Admin
  • Terri Sanders-Smith, Support Associate, Brown Street
  • Tiffany Standlee, Life Skills Instructor, Bolin RST
  • Shelby Starkey, Life Skills Instructor, Willowbrook RST
  • Tami Stoop, Life Skills Coach, MayHouse
  • Elaine Szepesi, Accounts Payable Technician, Admin
  • Stephanie Warmke, Life Skills Instructor, Chase RST
  • Leje (Tia) Watkins, Intake Engagement Specialist, Brown Street
  • Kari Wilhems, HIV Care Coordinator, Bolin
  • Christopher (Chris) Woods, Maintenance Technician, Maintenance

left to right: Angi Johnson and Misha Bennett from our Lebanon office with Barbara Scott, Executive Vice President and COO of Aspire Indiana.

left to right: Angi Johnson and Misha Bennett from our Lebanon office with Barbara Scott, Executive Vice President and COO of Aspire Indiana.

Employee Spotlight: Misha Bennett

This issue’s Employee Spotlight is shining on Misha Bennett! Misha recently became the first Aspire Indiana behavioral therapist to receive a Certification of Effectiveness from ACORN, a standardized method of measuring patient-reported, evidence-based outcomes in behavioral therapy.

Misha started using ACORN questionnaires last February after Aspire’s leadership introduced the outcomes measuring tool to the company’s clinical staff. Misha chose to adopt the method and uses it for most of the clients that she sees at Aspire’s Lebanon office.
ACORN stands for “A Collaborative Outcomes Resource Network” and it is used to measure feedback from clients who are receiving counseling for any number of mental illness and/or addiction issues. This feedback is then used in sessions to provide guidance to the therapist. The clients typically fill out the same questionnaire at every session so that their feedback about their therapy can be measured over time and compared to the effectiveness of controlled clinical research trials. A central component of the questionnaire deals with the alliance between the client and the therapist. The ACORN method is based on the hypothesis that behavioral counseling can only be effective if there is a solid and established relationship of trust and care.

Misha’s consistent and thoughtful use of the ACORN method is so effective that she ranks substantially better than most mental health professionals using the system nationwide, and demonstrates effectiveness that matches research trials. She is pictured here with Aspire Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Office Barbara Scott, who presented her with a $500 bonus for her inspiring work.

Congratulations Misha! You make us proud!


Expansion parking for our Brown Street office

Look at all the new employee parking for our Brown Street employees across the street from the office! We've expanded our parking to help alleviate the congestion at our 2020 Brown Street location. The new parking lot is located at 2121 Brown Street - just Southwest of our outpatient office.