Mark Sattler has only been with Aspire Indiana for a few short months but his energy and focus have already had a major impact at the Willowbrook office and across the organization.

As the Director of Comprehensive Services at the Willowbrook Outpatient Program Office, Mark has set big goals for himself in the coming year, including fully staffing the Willowbrook office and introducing more group therapy programs. He says his own impatience is his biggest obstacle because he is so enthusiastic about making Aspire Indiana the premiere behavioral healthcare organization in Marion County. “I share Aspire Indiana’s goal of developing a culture where people enjoy their jobs while making a huge impact on the community,” says Mark.

Mark says he joined Aspire Indiana because he wanted the opportunity to learn and grow in different ways. “Aspire Indiana is head and shoulders above many healthcare organizations in the way it uses technology and interactive recovery and mental health tools, like ACORN and myStrength,” Mark says, adding, “These tools put treatment back in the hands of the client and allow us to reach more individuals. They are essential because clients need to be empowered to be active in their recovery and grow outside of the traditional therapy format.” Mark says the tools also help our clinicians because they produce information to assist in treatment and discussions about meeting client goals.

While he has things under control at the office, Mark’s life at home recently changed dramatically with the arrival of his son Charlie, who surprised everyone by making his first appearance 6 weeks early. Mark was overjoyed to finally bring his “cute as can be” son home from the hospital two weeks ago. He says he has received so much support from everyone at Aspire during this time and really appreciates it. “Everyone has been wonderful in asking about him and sending encouraging thoughts and sharing their experiences of having a child or relative in the NICU. It can be scary, so having others that are willing to walk with you through the experience is incredibly valuable.”


October Support Associate of the Month: Sharon Pettygrove

"Sharon went above and beyond for a client who was in need of medical equipment. The caller did not know who they needed to contact only the name of the client. And Sharon researched and connected the caller to the correct person, even though it was a difficult search. Her good judgement resulted in the client's need being managed as well as the caller being impressed by the care and extra effort she provided".  
--Pepper Moore

"My sunshine, she is always so happy and willing to help with anything I need. She is the most compassionate and caring person I know".  --Mary Wilham


Way To Go! is the Aspire employee recognition program and it's been a great success! Each person below has been recognized by either a client, community member or an Aspire employee for their outstanding work. You can recognize a co-worker by clicking on the logo or here. Congratulations everyone!!

  • Bari Campbell
  • Pepper Moore
  • Ryan Thompson
  • Peggy Hoy
  • Stacy Gardner
  • Katherine Stewart
  • Brooke Lloyd
  • Scott Pokorny
  • Kelly Fleishman
  • Nicole Francis
  • Melissa Stayton
  • Dolly Niehaus
  • Kristen Larson
  • Abby Frederick
  • Grace Denney
  • Brita Olsen
  • Rayona Davis
  • Mary Ann Klepfer
  • Gina Minks
  • Mark Sattler
  • Marinette Boyd
  • Ross Heironimus


Congratulations to Auburn Miller who received her LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor) license in September, 2016 and to Morgan West who received her LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) in October, 2016.

Welcome New Employees!

  • Jody Bell, Addictions Therapist, Brown Street
  • Michael Berg, School Based Therapist, Carmel OP
  • Melinda (Mindy) Huber-Cameron, Marketing Assistant, Admin
  • Allison (Allie) Capler, Primary Care Medical Assistant, AIH
  • Larry Colbert, Entitlement Specialist, Carmel OP
  • Doris Cummings, Housekeeper, Social Enterprises
  • Gary DeSutter, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Chase RST
  • Cindy Freese, Intake Clinician, Willowbrook OP
  • Caleb Fuller, Farm Worker, Social Enterprises
  • Jennifer Fuller, Recovery Coach, Brown Street
  • Martin Hill, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Noblesville OP
  • Amanda Inholt, Life Skills Coach, MayHouse
  • Brooke Inman, Support Associate, Carmel OP
  • Michael Joson, Executive Coordinator, Admin
  • Julie Lisek, Addictions Therapist, Willowbrook OP
  • Brooke Maves, Home Based Therapist, Brown Street
  • Lauren McCullough, Care Coordinator/LSI School Based, Noblesville OP
  • John Meteer, Psychologist, Willowbrook OP
  • Emma Mullins, Life Skills Instructor, Carmel RST
  • Jeffrey Murrey, Life Skills Coach, May House
  • Melissa Passon, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Carmel OP
  • Karen Sheward, Accounts Receivable Representative, Admin
  • Heather Stevenson, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Chase RST
  • Deb Tener, Housekeeper, Social Enterprises
  • Madison Teskey, Care Coordinator/LSI, Willowbrook RST
  • Christina (Christie) Thomason, Care Coordinator/LSI, Elwood
  • Christina Turner, Life Skills Coach, Deaf Group Home
  • Dominque Watson, Life Skills Coach, Questend Group Home
  • Danetta Wells, Life Skills Coach, Hudson Group Home
  • Morgan West, School Based Therapist, Lebanon OP
  • Demeada Williams, Care Coordinator, Willowbrook RST


Snow tires, acoustic guitar, cycling trainer - these are just some of the items that show up in the Employee Classifieds on the Aspire intranet. So when you're ready to clean out that craft room, closet or garage, keep this in mind. You have a large audience and can post as often as you like!


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