Employee Spotlight

The Employee Spotlight for the Spring issue is shining on three of our mental health counselors who recently became ACORN Certified!  Angela Fleck, Kaitlyn Ervin, and Pat Warrick from our Lebanon, Noblesville, and Carmel Outpatient Offices achieved this impressive milestone during the past 2 months. They join Misha Bennett from our Lebanon office, who became the first ACORN Certified therapist at Aspire late last year.

So why are we going nuts over ACORN? ACORN is short for “A Collaborative Outcomes Resource Network,” and within this network, mental health professionals document patient-reported outcomes in their practices. The outcomes are acquired from the patients themselves through questionnaires that they fill out at every therapy session. When a therapist looks at a client’s responses over a period of time, they are better able to determine the effectiveness of their services. Importantly, the questionnaires also enable therapists to plainly see if the alliance between counselor and client is strong and effective. A relationship of trust and care is critical to successful treatment.  

Kaitlyn from our Noblesville office says, “I feel ACORN has helped me and my clients to be on the same page. It allows for open and honest conversations about how they are feeling as well as how they perceive the therapeutic relationship. It also helps facilitate collaboration and reminds me that my perception of how someone is doing does not always match up with how they are feeling.” Pat from the Carmel office agreed, saying, “The ACORN survey provides the consumers a good opportunity to tell us what’s working for them.”

Angie from the office in Lebanon adds, “It has been surprising to me how easy ACORN is to use in discussing the client’s perception of progress.”

A counselor becomes ACORN certified when their effectiveness in using the questionnaires matches or exceeds results from research trials. The idea of being certified comes from organic farming, where an outside body “certifies” that goods are of a specified quality. In today’s evidence-based healthcare environment, ACORN Certification could become a vital tool in the treatment and reimbursement landscape.

Thank You to Angie, Kaitlyn, and Pat for such outstanding work and dedication!

Welcome New Hires!

  • Veronica Akinrelere - Care Coordinator/LSI - Home Based - Carmel OP
  • Lori Blankenship - Care Coordinator/LSI - School Based - Noblesville OP
  • Chloe Brattain - Care Coordinator - Carmel RST
  • Kendra Brown - Life Skills Coach - Questend Group Home
  • Nathaniel (Nathan) Chaudion - Life Skills Instructor-SGL - May House Group Home
  • Sara Daggy - Wraparound Facilitator - Carmel OP
  • Marissa Fouse - Intake Engagement Specialist - Willowbrook OP
  • Payton Fowlkes - Access Engagement Specialist - Carmel OP
  • Amy Gleason - Support Associate - Carmel OP
  • Gina Marqua - Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Brown Street
  • Tonii Martin-Rhodes - HR Compliance Specialist - Administration
  • Ellen McClure - SSVF Case Manager - Bolin
  • Jason McDaniel - School Based Therapist - Carmel OP
  • Angela (Angie) Purcell - HR Compliance Specialist - Admin
  • Shannon Sievers - School Based Therapist - Nobleville OP
  • Lindsay Smith - Care Coordinator/LSI - School Based - Carmel OP
  • Elizabeth Steuer - Home Based Therapist - Carmel OP
  • Sapana Upadhyay - Care Coordinator/LSI Comprehensive - Lebanon OP
  • Megan Willis - Primary Care Medical Assistant - AIH Hoak
  • Kerri (Danielle) Woolard - HIV Testing Coordinator - Hoak Building

Karen Starling
Big kudos to Karen Starling for going above and beyond for her clients. Karen helped an elderly client with significant barriers and in danger of being homeless with finding a new place to live, helping the client come to terms with letting go of her pets, and enlisting the help of client's daughter. Karen helped the client organized her items, pack them, locate caring and helpful movers, and helped client unpack her items. Karen patiently provided support for this client as she was resistant to moving but had to make the difficult choice to do so. Karen consistently puts a lot of thought and care into gearing skills toward her client's needs and interests. Way to go Karen!

Thomas Taylor
Thomas continues to demonstrate strong leadership qualities. He connects with both staff and clients and brings a great attitude into the group home. Keep up the great work, Thomas!

Grace Olson
Grace is always such a positive person no matter what the situation is. She always has a smile on her face when talking to coworkers and clients. She wants what is best for everyone, and won't stop until that is accomplished. Grace puts her best foot forward when it comes to any task that she faces.

Jodi Giorgianni
During the last 1-2 months, Jodi has gone above and beyond her role as a Team Lead / CC/LSI and has supported her team through some very difficult transitions. She has been willing to take on more clients in order to make sure their needs are getting met, and has volunteered to complete tasks so that her peers are able to continue meeting with their clients. She has done all of this with a smile on her face. Marion County is lucky to have Jodi on their team!

Christy Hernandez
Christy always answers the phone when I call. She is very helpful and polite when asked questions about billing. She is great asset for the AR team and should be recognized for all the hard work she does.

Mitzi Naku
Good Job for being selected as a Life Coach Mentor at Questend. Mitzi is always willing to help others. She knows her job & takes it seriously.

Mary Wilham
When I first started at Aspire years ago. Mary was one of the first people I met. What a wonderful person to portray the "Face" and mission of Aspire to me. She was kind enough to sort of take me under her wing. I have found Mary to be extremely knowledgeable and skilled at her job. I have worked with Mary for about 4 and a half years now. She is always willing to be kind to a new person and she is excellent at "teaching people the ropes.". She encourages all of us support staff to be the best we can be. She's always there to "make work fun!" It is truly a pleasure to work with her. She treats each and every client she interacts with in a gracious manner. Mary wears many hats for us here at Aspire. She is definitely the "go to gal." When anyone on staff has a question they always come to Mary and she always helps them out with a laugh or a smile consistently knowing the correct answer. She also is one of our Team leaders and rightfully so. Mary is always a team player and looks out for the best interest of all our staff and clients alike. I have seen Mary placed in many different situations and I have watched her gracefully handle each and every thing that is thrown at her. I have grown to love and respect Mary I am proud to have her not only as a co-worker, but also my best friend. We are lucky to have such a strong talented and intelligent member on our team.

Lori Webb
I have known and worked with Lori for about 4 and a half years now. I have always admired how Lori is consistently confident and excellent at what she does. I watched her serve as a support associate for many years, and now she is serving our school based therapists. I have sincerely always enjoyed working with Lori. Anytime I had a question I always knew I could ask and Lori would help. She is very competent and skilled at her job. She knows all the different aspects of her job and I feel is an asset to our team. I am proud to call Lori not only my co-worker, but one of my best friends.

Emad Abdelmesih
Emad is always willing to help the Carmel RST team and his clients in any way. If a co-worker needs help with something, he always offers to assist when he is available. His willingness to help his team is greatly appreciated.  

Tina Skeel
Some friends of mine told me about their nephew who needed counseling and job placement so I referred them to Tina Skeel. I recently got a text from them thanking me for the referral. Their nephew is getting the help he needs and is now employed. This is the second person I've been able to refer to Tina and each time she has done a terrific job and improved the difficult situations of those involved.

Support Associate of the Month

Hillary Hanna is the Support Associate of the Month for February!

She is always pleasant and helpful. She seems to always have a smile on her face and friendly when you pass her in the parking lot or hallways or when I have questions. When I have needed help at the Front desk, she is eager to help or answer questions quickly. --Patty Koenig

Hillary is consistently good with consumers. She is friendly and helpful. Hillary often manages front desk alone. She gracefully manages many consumer issues and concerns. She consults with management well. Hillary sees the big picture of what is happening and plans accordingly. She manages a few days a month of very high numbers of consumers presenting for intake and not enough staff to the cases. She works well under pressure. She is a great member of our team.  --Dianna Huddleston

She is amazing with staff and clients alike. She is willing to cover other offices and doesn't hesitate when asked to complete difficult tasks. She has been a HUGE help to me with training the new staff when a Lead or Supervisor isn't able to be there. She doesn't try to BS her job and I love that about her. She is honest and will ask questions when she doesn't know something. She has been a quick learner and picked up the job super fast.  --Rayona Davis

Press Release

Aspire Indiana Expands its Presence in Boone County

NOBLESVILLE, IN (2/6/17) -- Aspire Indiana is significantly increasing its presence in Boone County, following the acquisition of a nearly 22,000 square foot facility in Lebanon, Indiana.