Young children often do not understand appropriate boundaries and do not know the anatomical names for private body parts. Body Boundaries is a presentation that includes the following:

  • Identification and correct names of private body parts

  • Empowers children to say no to inappropriate touches

  • Teaches children to identify trusted adults to whom they can report incidents

  • Teaches children that inappropriate touches are never the fault of the child

  • Teaches children that victims and offenders can be any age, size, color, gender, etc. and may be someone they know

For questions about our program, contact Kids Talk at 765-641-8202.

Kids Talk provides a child-friendly location where children can report sexual or physical abuse, neglect or their memory of a violent incident in a safe and comforting environment. Kids Talk uses a collaborative approach with various county agencies to serve and protect the children of Madison County. Kids Talk also offers an evidence based prevention program for students K-12 that educates them on body safety and digital media safety.