Aspire Indiana upgrading Anderson health center

Aspire Indiana/Aspire Indiana Health has announced a major reconstruction and upgrade of its Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) at 2009 Brown St. in Anderson, which will result in its partial closure for several months but without disruption to services. The project will begin in late March and is expected to be finished by late summer or early fall. 

The $1.35 million reconstruction will entail a complete gutting of the building’s interior and reconfiguring it to support Aspire’s mission of fully integrated care including primary medical, behavioral health, pharmacy, infectious disease unit and support services. The completed space will boast a streamlined layout and modern amenities to better serve both patients and employees, said Aspire Controller David Wildman.

No services will be interrupted during this time, shifting to adjacent Aspire buildings within easy walking distance along Brown Street. The pharmacy operated by Genoa Healthcare will remain open during reconstruction; crews will work around it while preparing its all-new space within the building.

“We will continue to serve our clients in Anderson and the surrounding areas with minimal disruption,” Wildman said. “This project represents a major upgrade of our facility and an investment in Aspire’s ability to enhance the well-being of the community.”