Employee Spotlight: Sandy Goodknight


Sandy Goodknight started with Aspire Indiana in January of this year, but her career in healthcare began more than three decades ago. And though she’s a numbers whiz who knows coding and her way around a spreadsheet, ironically enough she got her first job in healthcare by passing a spelling test.

Since then her professional journey has included work as an office manager, receptionist, office lead, adjunct instructor and accounts receivable representative. 

Sandy has enjoyed an “earn as you learn” career, going to school while working to obtain her associates degree in health insurance claims management in 1998 and certifications in Certified Professional Coding (CPC) in 2003 and evaluation/management (E/M) coding in 2007. In 2009 she became a certified professional medical auditor (CPMA).

She has watched as the profession has evolved from doing everything by hand to computerized claim forms, CPT codes, ICD codes, modifiers and a host of billing rules and regulations. Sandy enjoys explaining the (to some of us) arcane rules of medical billing -- including teaching it to others.

“Results are important, but more important to me on a personal level is if I can help someone understand the complexities of coding and billing better. It could be a look of understanding on a face, seeing someone's grades go from C's to A's, or a handwritten note of thanks,” she said.

Sandy has two adult sons, and in 2016 became a “memaw.” She’s loved the transition from “parent to grandparent,” and will happily share photographs anytime.

In 2014, her youngest son underwent his own harrowing medical ordeal that underscored the importance of quality healthcare. In the space of just a few weeks, he went from experiencing perplexing symptoms to being told he wouldn’t be able to work or live independently ever again to undergoing successful brain surgery at the Mayo Clinic and returning to a normal life.

In her spare time, Sandy enjoys outdoor activities like camping and fishing, rooting for Notre Dame football and donating blood -- six gallons and counting!

Sandy says that healthcare can be an incredibly rewarding career, even for those in administration/support roles.

“I can't help the underserved overcome addiction nor can I treat diabetes,” Sandy said. “But what I can do is help ensure that the coding and billing associated with that care is accurate. One way I can do that is mentoring within my department. I work with such a great team!” 

Cheryl Berry