Aspire Indiana is a fully integrated health system that addresses all aspects of health including primary care, behavioral health, and the social determinants of health such as housing and employment. Our journey into integrated care started about a dozen years ago when we became the very first community mental health center in the nation to receive grant funds from HRSA. Since then, we have been branded as an innovator by our peers and a leader in health care reform. We are finding our way forward as we look to become an FQHC, (Federally Qualified Health Center) but don’t see ourselves as merely opening up a health center, we see ourselves as becoming a large integrated care entity that includes all the aspects of healthcare mentioned above.  

At Aspire, we believe there is now, “no wrong door” that a person can enter to access our services.  Whether a person comes to us through our employment services, our healthcare services, or behavioral health services, that person will be able to access everything that Aspire has to offer so that person can achieve wellness.  Today, our Aspire Mission Statement is; Together, making health and well-being a reality”.  

Because Aspire understands that behavioral health problems can result from a variety of situations – medical, psychiatric, social, cultural, educational and vocational – a team of experts works with each client to develop a comprehensive, person-centered treatment plan, with the goal of helping each individual live as independently as possible within his or her community.  Aspire sees treatment as an ongoing process rather than a “cure.”  

Aspire provides health care services in addition to our behavioral care services for our clients at or near our outpatient locations  in Anderson, Elwood, Noblesville, Carmel and Willowbrook.   Anyone who wishes to see a primary health care provider for conditions such as diabetes, allergies, acute illness, etc. may schedule an appointment with our Aspire Nurse Practitioners whether they are a behavioral health client or not.  At Aspire, we offer services to any person, regardless of their ability to pay, to access primary healthcare, behavioral healthcare, vocational services or housing.

Clients may also receive behavioral healthcare through inpatient facilities, one-on-one counseling and care, group therapy, family therapy and more, and many of these services are offered on a sliding-fee scale for those who don’t have insurance.

The behavioral health and addictions counseling and treatment programs take place at:

  • Counseling facilities in Anderson, Carmel, Elwood, Indianapolis, Lebanon and Noblesville.  

  • Group homes in Marion and Madison counties, where people with mental or behavioral disorders learn life skills to help them live independently.

  • The May House, a residential treatment facility in Anderson for those in transition or those living with persistent and serious mental illness.  Residents stay in the May House until permanent housing can be secured.  Opened in July 2010, it is named for supporter, John L. May, a long-time advocate for people with mental illness.  

Because Aspire understands that factors not directly related to mental health can affect a client’s ability to receive or benefit from services, Aspire also provides:

  • Deaf and hearing-impaired services. No facilities in Indiana provide more comprehensive services and options for children and adults who are deaf, hard of hearing or deaf-blind, and experiencing mental illness and/or emotional distress.  Aspire’s nationally-recognized program includes both inpatient and outpatient services, a supervised Deaf Group Home, employment services, acute- and long-term hospitalization, and American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting services.

  • Training and rehabilitation. Care coordinators and life-skills instructors help clients learn to live independently.  Clients also receive employment training and assistance with finding jobs in their communities.  Some clients are employed in our Social Enterprises program.

  • Crisis intervention. Aspire has a 24-hour Crisis Intervention service to help those in need.  

  • Shelter. Aspire has access to or manages a variety of housing options for its clients, including rapid re-housing, shelter plus care, HOPWA, Section 8 apartments, PATH, and Co-Op living. With 60 group home beds and approximately 300 housing units, Aspire is one of the largest housing providers of any CMHC in Indiana.

  • HIV/AIDS. Aspire provides case management and housing services for people living with HIV/AIDS, and offers HIV testing and prevention programs.  The organization has provided services to more than 5,000 of the nearly 10,000 people living with HIV/AIDS in Indiana, and offers a special program for those dually diagnosed with HIV and a substance-related disorder.

  • Employment. Aspire provides supported employment, ticket to work and social enterprise services.

  • Telehealth. Aspire provides telehealth services to adolescents with a substance abuse disorder, and to adults who are dually-disordered (severe and persistent mental illness and substance abuse disorder).

  • Child and Adolescent Services. Aspire has expanded its Child and Adolescent services, adding staff positions in order to prioritize working with the Indiana Department of Children’s Services.  Aspire also expanded its scope of services from working not just under a medical model to a model that places greater emphasis on safety and well-being.


Aspire has approximately 500 total employees.  Of those, 450+ work at counseling facilities and group homes in Boone, Hamilton, Madison and Marion counties, with the remainder working at the organization’s Noblesville headquarters.  More than 150 of Aspire’s staff members are licensed clinical social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, advanced practice nurses or registered nurses.