What a Difference One Year Can Make!

Take a look back at Fiscal Year 2017 and see what we've done to reach our goals of helping our community.

4th Annual Stand Up for Kids! Event Benefiting Kids Talk Child Advocacy Center

Aspire Indiana’s child advocacy center, Kids Talk, has announced September 8, 2018 as the date for the 4th Annual Stand Up for Kids! comedy fundraiser. The event, which supports services for children who are reported as abused or neglected, is a fun night of clean comedy, food, beverages and a silent auction. This year, our professional stand up comics will be Muncie’s own Tony Robinson and the ever-hilarious comedienne Leslie Norris Townsend. Additional entertainment will be provided by our amateur comedy competition which features Anderson City Court Judge Jason Jamerson, Anderson Herald Bulletin Editor Scott Underwood and Detour Salon owner JB Shelton. Join us and help select the winner of the comedy competition! This is the don’t-miss event of the year! Casual attire and loads of fun will be the vibe of the evening at the beautiful downtown Anderson Paramount Theatre Ballroom. Tickets are on sale now at www.funny4kids.org. This event is always a sellout, so don’t miss your opportunity for this fun event!

Kids Talk child advocacy center provides forensic interviews and victim advocacy to children who are reported as abused and neglected in Madison County. Kids Talk brings the system to the child by providing one interview that serves the needs of all investigative agencies, reducing the potential for trauma that a child may experience by going through multiple interviews.  Kids Talk also provides child abuse prevention training to schools throughout Madison and Hancock counties in order to empower children with knowledge of appropriate boundaries and teaches them to identify trusted adults to whom they can report abuse. For more information about Kids Talk or Stand Up for Kids!, contact director Denise Valdez at 317-402-2231.

Kate Richards

Kate Richards

Brenda Joseph

Brenda Joseph

Aspire is proud of the career development opportunities on offer to staff and this month, we’re shining the Staff Spotlight on two individuals who have really utilized those benefits. We hope their stories inspire others to reach for new challenges and opportunities at Aspire.  

Kate Richards and Brenda Joseph both started here with bachelor’s degrees and each progressed through both the educational and organizational ranks to management positions. They say it is the atmosphere of support at Aspire that enabled them to further their education, attain their supervision requirements, and achieve all that they have today.  

Kelly Howe played a central role as mentor to both Brenda and Kate, encouraging each of them in different ways. For Brenda, it was helping her get past the idea that she was too old to pursue her Masters in Social Work. Kate, on the other hand, had no idea that she wanted to pursue social work until Kelly’s straightforward approach made her to see what a difference she could make in the lives of those we serve.

Kate and Brenda say that all of their supervisors at Aspire worked with them to accommodate their school schedules so that they would never have to stop working altogether. They say the support they received was absolutely the reason they were able to accomplish their goals.

As many of you know, Brenda is now the Recovery Services Manager at Carmel and Kate currently serves as Recovery Services Manager in Anderson. Both of these positions are essential to the health and well-being of our clients in Hamilton and Madison counties. Ask either of them for details on how they used the programs on offer here at Aspire for their professional development and personal goals. They are such assets to all of us!

Congratulations to our Our Staff Who've Received Service Awards!


Kevin Leachman
I really enjoy my job here at Aspire. In the time that I've worked here I've met some really nice people and we've established a great friendship with them and the co-workers are cool - everyone gets alone fine. So if you're willing to work here, you'll find that Aspire is really a great place to work .

Alyssa Pearson
Aspire has provided me many opportunities for support and growth. The benefits that are offered provide many incentives that other agencies do not offer.


Congratulations Mindy!


Congratulations Patty!

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To Good Health!

June is Men’s Health Month and it is also the month that we celebrate our dads. You know Dad, he is the guy who may have taught you about tools, cars, sports, etc., went to work, came home, and got up the next day to do it all again. There may be one thing that your dad may not have schooled you on though, and that’s how to take good care of your health and well-being.

It is just as important for men to take care of themselves as women are told to do, but do guys really take the time to practice self-care? Aspire Indiana and Aspire Indiana Health can provide men with information and treatment that will help to keep them healthy and in good spirits.  

According to the Men’s Health Resource Center, “Depression is under-diagnosed in men.” They go on to say that, men are “over four times more likely than women” to take their own lives by suicide. Men suffer from anxiety and depression that can be crippling for them. They have PTSD, and stress that can immobilize them as well. Sometimes, these illnesses occur as men age, and the stress they experience trying to cope with a mental illness on their own just doesn’t work. They may suffer in silence and may be afraid to speak up for fear of sounding weak.  

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What we do at Aspire and Aspire Health can help men find out in a warm, supportive environment, that help is available and recovery is possible. Whether they are suffering from PTSD, the loss of a significant relationship, or anxiety concerning their job, Aspire has providers available to help. Integrated care is the key to identify and treat men and women who are not sure why they are not functioning well. With screening and assessments we can help the people who come to us for care if they have a mental illness or a physical illness or both. No matter which door that people walk in to see one of our providers, they will find that the staff members across our agency are caring, supportive individuals who are dedicated to caring for the whole person.

So, if you are a guy who hasn’t been seen in a primary care provider’s office or, if you think you need to talk to a therapist, we want you to know that you are welcome at all of our facilities. Call us at 877-574-1254 to make an appointment. We are here to serve you!


Welcome New Employees!

  • Earl Bailey, CC/LSI Elwood Home & Community-Based, Elwood
  • Sarah Cuskaden-Reckelhoff, Addictions Therapist, Noblesville
  • Carmen Diaz, CC/LSI Carmel Home & Community-Based, Carmel
  • Robin Haley, Wraparound Facilitator, Carmel
  • Brittany Hankins, LSI Home & Community-Based, Bolin
  • Tiffany Harless, CC/LSI Madison County Home & Community-Based, Chase
  • McKenzie Hauser, Clinical Intern, Chase
  • Theresa Marsee-Hunt, Practice Manager, Willowbrook
  • Sarah Minor, Addictions Therapist, Noblesville
  • Cameron Mudd, Life Skills Coach, May House
  • Terri Turner, Home-Based Therapist, Elwood
  • Daniel Wills, SPSP Supportive Care Specialist, Richmond

  • Barbara Ajao
  • Lenice Bailey
  • Robert Beilouny
  • Heather Brown
  • Stefane Borders
  • Stephanie Bostrom
  • Shaun Carrico
  • Linda Chambers
  • Jacqui Cook
  • Bill Davis
  • Dama Fettinger
  • Kelly Fleischman
  • Hillary Hannah  
  • Sonja Hendrickson
  • Martin Hill
  • Peggy Hoy
  • Brooke Inman
  • Anna Marhoefer
  • Lori Marley
  • Tonja Martin
  • Tori Morgan
  • Dolly Neihaus
  • Vanessa Pataky
  • Brandon Patton
  • Yvonne Quarles      
  • Pamela Sheward
  • Kathy Stewart
  • Thomas Taylor
  • Shawna Tully
  • Lori Webb
  • Thomas Westrick
  • Madison Williams
  • Amy Zinn

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Attention to all Aspire Employees who have Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance


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