It’s Hard to Say Goodbye

Barbara Borders, is about to retire after working as a support person nearly 14 years at our Aspire office in Elwood. Barbara’s coworkers are going to be sad to see her go. Lori Marley, whose desk is close to Barbara’s said, “Barb has been the sweetest coworker ever. She is such a caring person. I will truly miss her after her retirement. I am grateful for the friendship that we have both at work and outside of work. I wish her all the best and glad she will be able to spend that special time with her husband, Rodger.” 

BARBARA borders.jpg

Our office in Elwood is a great place to work, especially if you like working with people in a small community. Toneko Kayzer, the Supervisor and Office Manager in Elwood, asked Barbara a few questions about her time at Aspire. Barbara said that she likes “just watching the way people act and interact with one another every day at work.” She said she also likes the people she works with and the people we serve. She will miss ‘being around people’ but she won’t miss “all the changes that take place.” Barbara said that she’s excited to be embarking on another phase of her life’s journey and everyone at Aspire wishes her all the best as she makes that move to something different. 

Thank you for all your service Barbara! If you would like to personally offer your best wishes for Barbara, a party will be held at the Elwood office in her honor on Wednesday, August 22nd from 2-6pm.

In our continuing effort to make health and well-being a reality, Aspire Indiana Health is proud to offer primary healthcare services for children and adults at all six of Aspire Indiana’s outpatient locations. Whether you are in or near Lebanon, Carmel, Elwood, Anderson, Noblesville or Indianapolis, appointments can be made for general health concerns, in-office testing, and special services including free and confidential HIV and Hepatitis C screening.

In addition to addressing acute and chronic health issues, the providers at Aspire Indiana Health understand the importance of preventative care. Diet guidance, smoking cessation, and screening diagnostic exams are all integral to whole-body wellness; our practitioners are focused on increasing awareness and offering guidance and support in each patient’s road to better health.

Aspire Indiana’s Senior Director of Healthcare Integration, Trusa Grosso, had this to say about what this means for the communities Aspire serves: “The inclusion of primary care services in all of our locations means a greater percentage of people are able to access services that address not only their primary care, but their behavioral health needs at the same time. Our embedded model of service delivery, which includes primary and behavioral health providers working as a tightly knit team, far exceeds that of traditional healthcare models and in essence is saving lives.”  

Hours vary by office; call 765-393-3891 to schedule an appointment for behavioral health or primary care at any location.

welcome New Employees!

  • Aundrea Boyle, Access Engagement Specialist, Carmel OP
  • Deborah Clarkson, Care Coordinator/Life Skills Inst-School Based, Carmel OP
  • Jessa Coffman, Care Coordinator/Life Skills Int-Home & Community Based, Elwood
  • Nathaniel Conley, Care Coordinator/Life Skills Inst-Home & Community Based
  • Hannah Crell, Care Coordinator/Life Skills Inst-School Based, Noblesville OP
  • Susan Dreaden, Staff Nurse, Willowbrook
  • Michelle Furgason, Home Based Therapist, Carmel OP
  • Jasmine Gamble, Wraparound Facilitator, Carmel OP
  • Amelia Horn, Nurse Practitioner-Primary Care, Lebanon
  • Danielle Jenkins, Support Associate, Brown St.
  • Ashley Johns, PT-Support Associate, Brown St.
  • Brooke Jones, FT-HIV Care Coordinator, Bolin
  • Amanda Metzger, Care Coordinator/Life Skills Inst-Home & Community Based
  • Johnathon Mullens, Life Skills Coach-SGL, Deaf Cluster Apartments
  • Sarah Padgett, Team Lead-SGL, Sunshine House
  • Leroy Posey, Life Skills Coach-SGL, Sunshine House
  • Josie Smith, Life Skills Coach-SGL, Sunshine House
  • Kimnetta Snowden, Addictions Therapist, Willowbrook
  • Madelyn Whittington, Care Coordinator/Life Skills Inst-School Based, Noblesville OP
  • Pamela Zirkle, Staff Therapist, Brown St.


Congratulations to Aspire Employees who are recognized in this issue's Way To Go!

  • Shelby Barbee
  • Stephanie Bostrom
  • Brenda Joseph
  • Lori Marley
  • Tori Morgan
  • Tara Ross
  • Melody Shaw
  • Dustin Theis
  • Ardrienne Thompson
  • Stephanie Warmke
  • Pat Warrick
  • Ben Wilson