Issue 85   |   April 2018

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Feature Article:

  • Life Skills Coaches are Life Extenders


  • Aspire Service Awards


  • Staff Spotlight: Greg Denniston
  • To Good Health!: News from Aspire Indiana Health
  • Meet Our New Employees
  • Way To Go! Staff Recognition


  • Aspire Staff Receive Licenses
  • Stand Up for Kids! tickets go on sale soon!
  • Pacers
  • Social Media

Mission: Together...making health and well-being a reality!
Vision: To be a recognized leader in healthcare transformation and an employer of choice: redefining excellence and innovation in our communities.
Values: PILLAR

One group instrumental to Aspire’s Big Hairy Audacious Goal of 10 in 10 are our Life Skills Coaches in our group homes. These “boots on the ground” staff members interact daily with our group home residents, teaching them the skills necessary for self-care with a goal of independent or semi-independent living. These skills include everyday activities like cooking, cleaning, healthy eating, exercising, taking medication, managing money, and social interaction. All of these things contribute to the goal of 10 in 10, extending the lives of those we serve by ten years within 10 years.

Life Skills Coaches are also often the first to notice changes in our group home residents and they bring this invaluable information to meetings with other team members, greatly facilitating treatment and recovery. The importance of the Life Skills Coach to the client and the treatment team simply cannot be overstated and their work directly impacts the client’s quality and length of life.

Stefane Borders, our Director of Supported Living Services, says Life Skills Coaches have one of the hardest jobs at Aspire, but also one of the most rewarding. Michelle Hawn at Hartung says “just being around the clients” is the best part about her job. Michelle’s new colleague Andrea Keesling says she hopes she is making a difference for clients by “spending quality time with each one and showing them that I really care about their well-being and health issues.”

The nature of their positions means that Life Skills Coaches often work in relative isolation from the rest of the organization. Aspire CEO Barbara Scott recently called attention to their work in one of her High Performance videos that you can see here. We invite all of Aspire to join Barb and extend a big thank you to our Life Skills Coaches.

Aspire Service Awards

June 1st, 2017 through March 31st, 2018

Staff who stay at Aspire through much of their career are a cherished treasure to us and we want to recognize those who have celebrated recent milestone work anniversaries. Staff celebrating their five year anniversaries were recognized by their supervisor. Those with longer terms of service got a visit from CEO Barbara Scott, who personally presented them with their awards. All of us at Aspire thank each of you for your service!

5 Years

  • Gregory Denniston, Hudson House
  • Maxine Carr, DeHaven
  • Skilard Curtis, Hudson House
  • Francis Eshelman, Hoak
  • Ross Heironimus, Admin
  • Christina Hernandez, Admin
  • Amanda Hovermale, DeHaven
  • Joseph Niswander, DeHaven
  • Lori Webb, Carmel
  • Dana Aucoin, Noblesville OP
  • Danny Cross, Maintenance
  • Kelly Fleischman, Carmel
  • Aaron Goldsberry, Hudson House
  • Allison Henderson, DeHaven
  • Karen Jackson, Chase
  • Christine Liedtke, Carmel
  • Randy McLaughlin, Hudson House
  • Tina Reger, Carmel

photo for staff spotlight_ Greg Denniston.jpg

Staff Spotlight

The first Aspire Staff Spotlight of spring is shining brightly on Greg Denniston, who was recently named a Healthcare Hero by the Indiana Business Journal!  

Greg was honored at the annual IBJ breakfast reception in the non-physician category for his work as a Certified Recovery Specialist at our Hudson House group home in Anderson. He was nominated for the honor by Stefane Borders, who attended the reception in late February with Greg, along with Aspire CEO Barbara Scott and Senior Director of Rehabilitation Services Kelly Howe. Greg’s proud mom (see photo) also joined him for this well-deserved recognition.

Greg has been with us for five years and his impact has been felt throughout the Aspire organization. He himself has been in recovery for 26 years and he uses his own life experiences to help others in treatment. Greg says one of the secrets that he shares comes from what he learned during his own recovery: “Stay around people who say yes! Not no!” See our February newsletter for more details about Greg’s career.

He says it was just awesome to be an honoree and the ceremony was “pretty cool!” We think you are pretty cool, Greg! Thank you for all that you bring to Aspire Indiana!

To good Health!

News from Aspire Indiana Health

Spring is bringing great changes and new innovations to Aspire Indiana Health!  Late last month, we opened our new primary care location in Noblesville, where our Nurse Practitioners are now seeing patients Monday through Thursday. At our Hoak Building in Anderson, we’ve changed our hours to better accommodate those we serve and are now open until 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday.  And in Elwood, we’ve added hours on Wednesdays to better serve our growing caseload. For details about locations and opening hours, please check our website.

At Aspire Indiana Health, we are always looking for ways to bring the absolute best care to those we serve. That’s why we have joined Project ECHO (Extension for Community Health Outcomes) for Hepatitis C care. Project ECHO is a global initiative that brings the most up to date specialized knowledge to general health practitioners via teleconferencing. AIH COO Syd Ehmke says ECHO “brings specialty services to our fingertips.”

Project ECHO hosts a teleconference on Hepatitis C every other Thursday from 12:30 - 1:30 p.m. Specialists including doctors, epidemiologists, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and social workers from all over the world consult with participants, and all on the call are invited to ask questions and present individual cases. Aspire Nurse Practitioner Becky Gump has participated in every teleconference since January and says they are “quite awesome.” If you are an Aspire member of staff and want to join in the conversation, contact Becky for more details.

Welcome New Employees!

  • Ashley Corks, Life Skills Instructor, Willowbrook
  • Casimira Cutrell, MSW/LCSW, Lebanon
  • Brett Myers, Care Coordinator/Life Skills Instructor, Carmel Clay Schools
  • Devyn Phillips, Life Skills Coach, Hudson
  • Deborah Shelly, Nurse Practitioner, Primary Care
  • Kirsten Shriver, Life Skills Coach, Questend
  • Shawna Tully, Addictions Therapist, Lebanon
  • Jennifer Walden, Entitlement Specialist Supervisor, Willowbrook
  • Margaret Wills-Johnson, Life Skills Coach, May House
  • Hayley Wissmiller, Care Coordinator/Life Skills Instructor, May House

Aspire Staff Recognition

  • Stefane Borders, Brown Street
  • Stephanie Bostrom, Noblesville OP
  • Macenzie Bradley- Potter, May House
  • Sharon Clabaugh, Noblesville OP
  • Autumn Davis, May House
  • Bill Davis, May House
  • Greg Denniston, Hudson
  • Katherine Donnelly, Carmel OP
  • Roseanna Duffie, Hartung
  • Jerry Ehemann, Noblesville Admin
  • Mendy Harris, Bolin
  • Michelle Hawn, Hartung
  • Christine Jack, Noblesville OP
  • Charles Kates, Hudson
  • Dr. Christine Liedtke, PhD, Carmel OP
  • James Liebrecht, Fletcher
  • Anna Marhoefer, Hartung
  • Medical Records, Anderson
  • Stephanie Rodgers, Brown
  • Brian Shively, Noblesville OP
  • Morgan West, Lebanon

Congratulations to Aspire Staff for receiving their Licenses!

  • Laura Beer received her Mental Health Associate License on 1/19/18.
  • Jason McDaniel received his Marriage & Family Associate License on 2/23/18.

Tickets will go on sale soon!

These tickets sell out fast so watch for more information coming your way on the Kids Talk Facebook and website pages!


Aspire VIPs at the Indiana Pacers!

Many Aspire employees attended Pacers games this season courtesy of our Pacers VIP staff appreciation program. We are always looking for ways to say thanks to our most valued asset...our staff!

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