Pat Warrick
Pat has achieved Acorn Certification of Effectiveness (ACE). This demonstrates that Pat is using Feedback Informed Treatment, and that her work is as effective or more than published research trials.

Kelly Fleischman
Kelly is always helping out her fellow team members. She has recently helped the NOP office with entering labs and also helped cover an evening when we had someone out due to a family emergency. Thank you very much Kelly.

Kelly Fleischman (#2)
I've been visiting a lot of offices lately with various projects IT has been working on. Kelly is always cheerful, friendly, and willing to help any way she can whether it's unlocking doors, checking staff schedules, or testing new processes for us. Kelly is a great asset at the front desk!

Jessica Slaven
Jessica, as Aspire's first Recovery Coach, has been a leader in this new position. She has lead many of our clients into recovery. Her treatment team always has praise for her work with clients and helping others on the team. She has trained new Recovery Coaches as they join our team. Also, Jessica has been cited by the Madison County Drug Court for her excellence work as the liaison for their staffings from Aspire.

Kaitlyn Ervin
Kaitlyn has achieved the ACORN certification of Effectiveness (ACE), demonstrating her fidelity to Feedback Informed Treatment and that her clinical outcomes are as good or better than controlled research trials!

Laura Jackson
Laura always goes the extra mile. During a recent unexpected staff shortage, Laura stepped up and covered a variety of nursing activities over several office locations in order to ensure our clients had their needs met. It is a pleasure working with Laura. Way To Go Laura!!

Karen Bozell
I just want to give Karen a quick shout out. In 5 years at Aspire, my experience with Karen has always been great. She is amazingly helpful at navigating me through any licensure or insurance issues (which I will probably never understand!), and I always enjoy opening her emails because she is SO personal and friendly! I don't need her often, but when I do, I'm glad she's with Aspire! Thanks for being awesome, Karen!

Heidi Bates
Heidi helped a night crew cleaner get set up to print and helped them print out some items. She was very busy and? had a long day but still slowed down enough to help. As that other employee's supervisor, I am both impressed and thankful. Impressed, because I couldn't figure it out with that particular employee. Thankful because that is one less employee for which I will have to struggle to find out why printing is not working.

Dianna Huddleston
In working with a program that is trying to make strides to move forward I have greatly appreciated the support of dianna in lending her staff's time and talents to assist our office. This includes psychologist time for clinical staffing, her time to give me thoughts on how she accomplished similar problems in the past, and managers resources to train our staff in areas of their specialty. This support makes the program "building" process much easier and smoother.

David Speicher
The new workflow for the printers is a great solution to address paperwork being left on printers. Also it really helps to be able to send something to the printer and be able to pick it up at the correct location. Thank you for your work on this David.

Sarah Richardson
Sarah is always there when you need her. She has a "yes" personality and is always willing to help other when needed. She's not afraid to jump into any situation and help solve problems. She always has a smile on her face and cares about the well being of not only her clients, but her coworkers as well.

Kevin Sheward
Kevin did an outstanding job of working with Ball State University on the Facing Project. Our Facing Project focused on Addiction in Madison and Delaware Counties. The project culminated in an event that went extremely well and a magazine printed with all the Facing Stories inside. Kevin took the initiative on the project and he did a great job from start to finish!

Auburn Miller
There has been a newly formed teen support group entering its third week. The facilitators are Auburn Miller (no relation) and Jessica Cloud. This is a wonderful service being offered to teens. This is a very significant step for service delivery. Two years ago during a NAMI training I attended, I met a young lady who expressed the need to have a teen support group in her county and I asked her if there was an Aspire program in her area. I made a few phone calls to inquire. I don't know the result of her concern but I'm very happy there is finally one for my teen to attend. She was hesitant to start but after the first meeting, she told me she was glad she went and enjoyed it. It's a small enough group for her to start to feel comfortable and participate. I appreciate client-focused service. Thank you.

Drake Mengelt
Drake is always helpful and kind. Today he was willing to go above and beyond making sure his job was done to its fullest extent. His joyfulness and genuine positive attitude are a blessing to all those he comes in contact with us. Thank you Drake for making everyone's day a little brighter.

Chelsea Martin
Chelsea Martin worked diligently with the Aspire IT department and the State IT department to correct an issue with the state computer program called tobi. This issue affected the entire team and was holding up both Aspire staff and independent contractors from being able to bill. Due to Chelsea's dedication our IT department was able to come up with a patch and they are now aware of the issue.

Brandon Patton
Brandon is very up to date on his knowledge of all things IT. He took a lot of time and care in getting staff set up for our new printing system and showing staff how to utilize it properly. He is such a hard worker and during the last Parallels update spent may hours tirelessly trying to make sure the process went smoothly for all staff involved. Every time I have needed his assistance I have found him to be helpful and very kind. He is an exemplary employee and deserves to know what an asset he is to Aspire. Thanks for all you do Brandon!

Patty Nikolov
Patty made time in her schedule, with a few day's notice, to have a meeting with a family to explain medication management. She stayed in the meeting until the parents felt more confident in their understanding of what is going on with their son and in Aspire's ability to support their son's needs. The family speaks limited English and she did a fantastic job of ensuring that she understood their concerns, and responded to them appropriately. After the meeting, she continued to go above and beyond with other Aspire team members to truly wrap around the family and ensure adequate support. The family is able to get some immediate needs met because of her efforts.

Mark Sattler
Mark has almost single-handedly turned around and organized the Willowbrook office (with some help from Jen Olston). Willowbrook, from my understanding, has often been somewhat disorganized with a lot of grumbling from staff. Mark makes detailed and clear program changes that is transparent. He is patient with folks, and has a great way of communicating the program and procedures he has put into place. He clearly has an amazing mind to be able to keep track of all the information required, which to me is insurmountable. He writes procedures that are clear and works with staff so they understand. He make himself available when questions arise.

Mark Sattler (#2)
I work at NOB and have a client who wants to transfer all services to Willowbrook. Mark has been extremely helpful in transferring this client and connecting me with the right people to make this happen. He's been very responsive and extremely timely. His help is greatly appreciated! I don't believe this transition could have gone any smoother! Thanks, Mark!

Jamie Hartline
Jamie has worked with a client for several months as a CC/LSI - she has been a wonderful asset to the treatment team for this client and her family. Jamie has been a positive and steady presence for this client and her family during several hospitalizations and starting working with her again after a residential stay. During some of the most difficult times for this family, Jamie has demonstrated the true definition of unconditional positive regard for this client and her family. We are lucky to have Jamie on our Hamilton County CC/LSI team! She does amazing work with the clients we serve everyday.

Mindy Cameron
Mindy did a fantastic job with our Pacers VIP experience. She is still new at Aspire, but she has become a great team member! I'm really happy that she is part of our team.

Cheryl Berry
Cheryl has done an excellent job producing our videos, and creating graphic content that is outstanding. Cheryl helps everyone who asks her and she provides valuable content for all of our Aspire promotions. So glad she is part of my team!

Kathy Stewart
Kathy is AMAZING! She goes above and beyond with each client that she encounters. Most, if not all know her by name (and she knows them too). When she is out of the office, every client asks about her. She is always willing to make extra calls, do extra research, track clinicians down. If she doesn't know an answer, she finds out. She never ignores a task. She shows initiative and integrity. She makes it her job to make sure that NO client leaves dissatisfied. She TRULY cares for everyone! She has a lot of experience and really uses it for the clients' (and Aspire's) benefit. She is an invaluable member of the office!

Sharon Clabaugh
Sharon was GREAT during my visit! The whole team did a great job too!


Aspire Indiana is proud to shine this issue’s spotlight on John Demaree, the Chairman of our Board of Directors.

John graciously took on the role of Board Chair in January after serving as Vice Chair for two years under former Chairman Jeffrey Reed, CPA. He has been a board member for 10 years, having first served for BehaviorCorp.

John says his passion for Aspire Indiana continues to grow and grow as he has seen the impact of our programs and services in the communities that we serve. He says he is simply “blown away” by Aspire’s incredible people and the talent and passion that they bring to our mission.

“Aspire staff members are touching lives every day. They are the face of the organization and I am grateful for their service, for their care, and for their passion,” says John.

John is Executive Vice President at Colliers International and has excelled in countless ways during his 26 years in the commercial real estate industry of greater Indianapolis. His expertise is sought after by the banking, legal, and economic development communities, and he is the co-founder of zWorks, a non-profit economic development cooperative for Zionsville, Indiana.

You ice cream lovers out there might be interested to learn that John and his family own “The Scoop” cafe and ice cream parlor on Main Street in Zionsville.  We hear they earned their four stars on Yelp with the highest quality scoops, sundaes, and shakes in the area!

John joins the ranks of many other IU alumni here at Aspire Indiana. He and his wife Elizabeth live in Zionsville with their four sons and two glorious Golden Irish Setters. We are honored that John has chosen to share his enormous talents with Aspire Indiana. 


Support Associate of the Month

Brita Olson is the March Support Associate of the Month.

Paula Mullen says "...she is friendly, polite and helpful. She has also picked up a lot of slack for Deaf Services...well deserved!"

Lori Webb says "She does a great job covering deaf services clients and meeting their needs along with all the RST clients and all her front office duties.

Amy Hamilton says "Brita goes above and beyond in her job. She helps with deaf clients because she can sign. There have been numerous times that one of my deaf clients has stopped me in the waiting room and Brita helps interpret so I can understand what they are saying. She is very helpful to me and many others when there are computer or scheduling issues and always takes time to help. She does her job plus many other jobs and always helps if she can. Thank you."

Congratulations to the following Aspire Indiana staff members who've worked hard to receive their licenses!

Jessica Cloud - Obtained LMFT license

Amber Moody - Obtained LMHC license

Brenda Joseph - Received LCSW in December 2016

Rachael Derrick - Obtained LMHC license

Sarah Ehlich - Obtained LMHC license

Our Pacers VIP Experience program came to a close in early April. 

Everyone who attended the games had a great time and we are looking forward to sending more staff members to games next season!  We’ll be sending out more details later this year!

Welcome New Employees!

  • Briana Boswell--Life Skills Instructor--Willowbrook RST
  • Jennifer Chappell--School Based Therapist--Brown Street
  • Sarah Ehlich--Youth and Family Therapist--Willowbrook OP
  • Amy Freede--Licensed Clinical Social Worker--Willowbrook RST
  • Keith Gibbs--Life Skills Coach--Hartung Group Home
  • Amber Gordon--Housing Coordinator--Strategic Initiatives
  • Chad Gullett--Care Coordinator/LSI Comprehensive--Elwood OP
  • Eric Heeter--Care Coordinator/LSI Comprehensive--Willowbrook OP
  • Chantel LaRue--Life Skills Coach--Questend Group Home
  • Susan Nichols--Staff Nurse--Willowbrook
  • Tyrica Osborn--Forensic Interviewer--Child Advocacy Center
  • Jacqueline (Jackie) Peoples--Manager, Recovery Services--Willowbrook RST
  • Kenneth (Ken) Plank--Employment Specialist--Brown Street
  • Sheila Powell-Byrd--Life Skills Coach-SGL--May House Group Home
  • Emily Ragsdale--Intake Clinician--Brown Street
  • Teri Rork--Life Skills Coach-SGL--Deaf Group Home
  • Judy Saucedo--Recovery Coach--Noblesville OP
  • Chrislyn Savage--Life Skills Coach--May House Group Home
  • Paul Schroeder--Wraparound Facilitator--Carmel OP
  • Ardrienne Thompson--Primary Care Nurse Practitioner--AIH Willowbrook
  • Amanda Votaw--Supervisor, School Based Services--Carmel OP
  • Katherine (Kate) Williams--Licensed Clinical Social Worker--Willowbrook OP
  • Arcadia Young--Life Skills Coach--MayHouse