Aspire Employees!

Be sure to keep your personnel records updated in regards to address, phone number(s), marital status and dependents.

Addresses and phone numbers can be changed in Paycom but if you have any changes regarding marital status or dependents, please contact Missy Neal at Further questions can be directed to the Human Resources Team at

To make or change your contribution to your 403B and or Roth Plan you will need to go online in Esponsor.  To start the process you must first register your account.  

1. Go to
2. Click on "Register for a new account".
3. Select the "Account Services" link.
4. Complete the step-by-step registration process, which includes:

  • Entry of your plan number and personal information
  • Complete account set-up

From here you can manage your Retirement Plan online.  If you have any questions please contact OneAmerica directly at 1-800-249-6269.  



We Hire Your Friend, You Earn Cash!

There is no limit to the number of employee referral fees earned.

Employee referrals are an effective way for recruiting topnotch employees and Aspire knows that staff who are hired through referrals tend to stay longer than other candidates.

Here's how it works:

  • A $500 fee will be paid for the hire of a full-time, regular employee who stays one year.
  • A $250 fee will be paid for the hire of a part-time, regular employee who stays one year.
  • A $250/$125 referral fee will be available at the point of hire after the referred candidate completes the two week orientation period and an additional $250/$125 referral fee after the referred candidate remains employed at Aspire for one year.
  • Go to our Career openings on our website below and start letting your friends and family know about our job opportunities!

For more information about the Employee Referral Program, please visit the Aspire intranet and look under Human Resources for the the HR Personnel Policies Handbook.