Sharon Clabaugh
Sharon was GREAT during my visit! The whole team did a great job too!

Emad Abdelmesih
I am a Support Associate and order supplies for the office as well as the kitchen. Emad has taken it upon himself to put away ALL kitchen supplies that are ordered without even being asked to do so, which is AWESOME! Not only does he put everything he away, but he also stacks the stuff away so that everything fits and is nice and neat. He shared with me that he once worked in a store as a stock person. The orders come in with one month's supply at a time, so it's a lot of stuff. I just really appreciate him doing it.

Carla Stafford
I work with Carla in Payee Services. Her dedication to her job makes my job a lot easier and more pleasant.

Tom Moorman and Patrick Cowger          
Tom and Patrick are not only good workers, but they are conscientious and caring toward other staff. It is a pleasure to be part of the support staff for staff members like Tom and Patrick.

Front Desk Staff at Brown Street
Front Desk staff at Brown Street strive to be thorough and efficient in their duties. I know I can count on them to get the info I need.

Barb Purk
Barb is always willing to do anything we ask of her. Last year, some of her job duties were shifted to another position and she was assigned new tasks such as HOPWA. Barb has always been familiar with processing the HOPWA grant claims, but with the new duties, she had to learn the HMIS data system (which is not an easy task!) to enter data into the system on a weekly basis.  Not only has Barb learned and excelled in this role, she is now filling in for a staff member who is on medical leave and completing data entry into MIX. This meant learning another new system! What can I say, Barb is outstanding in every way!

Melody Shaw
St. Vincent Lab called reporting they could not send someone for Clozaril Clinic. At the last moment I was able to link with AIH CMA Melody Shaw who graciously stopped what she was doing and came to Chase Street to draw 26 labs needed to ensure medication compliance. She then completed all paperwork needed and hand delivered the specimens to the lab. We had results for pharmacy in less than 12 hours. Melody went above and beyond to make what could have been a very rough morning a success. She came in with a smile and a positive attitude despite the time crunch. Thank You Melody!! You Are Greatly Appreciated!

Rayona Haynes
Rayona shows exemplary efforts in assisting CC/LSI staff, RCs(What are RCs?), and therapists when needed in order to achieve an overall success for our clients.

Heidi Bates
Her individual dedication, knowledge, and efforts in helping CC/LSI staff, RCs, and therapiststhrough her loyalty and devotion help other staff with providing the best service needed for their care.

Genice Fowlkes
Genice knows my name, MD, and drivers' names and allows me to sit down, as I'm dizzy and lightheaded often. She gives current bills to my caretaker, Jody Hall and informs the driver that I'm finished for the day. Genice also makes a printout for my future sessions.

Genice Fowlkes
Genice treats me with respect and grace every time I come in. She makes my visits easier with her attitude!

Genice Fowlkes
I just wanted to tell you that Genice is a very helpful person. She is very kind and understanding. I hope she never leaves the center!

Genice Fowlkes
Genice is polite and easy to talk to. She tells me what I need to remember about my appointment. She seems to be very organized and interested in the clients at Aspire. She also responds to my needs when I seem to be lost as how to or who to leave a message.

Kelly Fleischman
Kelly has provided assistance to the Access Department multiple times. She has excellent customer service, pride in her work, and never ending enthusiasm to help others. She is a joy to work with!

Christine Liedtke
At the last minute, Christine agreed to cover a group for me during a week she's already covering another group for me. Her willingness to help and step up when needed is very much appreciated! Thank you!

Brenda Blake
Brenda has been nothing shy of helpful. Brenda's bright smile and enthusiasm greet everyone every single day. She always steps up and takes on the responsibility to help others. Her kindness and compassion shine when it comes to the consumer and her coworkers.

Paula Mullen
Time and time again, Paula exhibits a welcoming, gracious interaction and an abundance of patience. GIVE HER A RAISE OR PROMOTION!!!

Mary Wilham
Mary is always so helpful with a very great personality. Great phone service as well. Thank you for all you do in the office and on the phone. It is always a pleasure to have her at the front desk. She does a super wonderful job! Thank you!

Mary Wilham
I have so many great experiences with my interactions with Mary. She is always pleasant no matter how busy she is or how busy it is in the office. She is always aware of how busy her coworkers are and steps in to help. Whether that be taking the next person in line or something so seemingly small as getting something that may have printed for them. In my three years as a client, I have never had any better customer service anywhere!

Karen Starling
Karen was assigned to my case when I was at my absolute lowest point in my life, both mentally and physically. Karen's warmth and compassion is always above any others that I have met. She was always so patient and kind. She also knew how to gently push me to step out of my comfort zone. I know this field of work can oftentimes be taxing and draining. But Karen always had a smile on her face and determination to help me in my recovery. I will be grateful forever to her for all she did.

Taylor Hay
Taylor reassures clients when they are worried about missing their appointments. She reschedules them or reaches out to staff to inform them that the client is running behind but would still like to keep their appointment for the week. Taylor then keeps staff posted upon arrival of client or date/time appointment has been rescheduled for.

Dr. Betsy Rosiek
She has been an outstanding doctor who listens to my opinions and works with me to come up with solutions. I don't feel like things have been forced on me. Thanks!

Betsy Rosiek
Thank you, Dr. Rosiek for trying so hard to serve me and others. You always keep your cool and don't take it personally when I have a hard time. I love visiting Aspire thanks to Dr. Rosiek!

Renee Day
She always takes time to listen when I'm stressed out. She gives me a sense of peace and calmness. I'm so very fortunate that she's my therapist. I always feel so much better after our sessions because I know she understands and is there for me.

Chris Gray
Chris always goes the extra mile to see that I get to my doctor appointments on time and explains things to me that I don't know and I'm unsure of. I'm so glad he is my care management person.

Dr. Oleh Dzera
Dr. Dzera always me sure that my meds are right and that I understand the doses and makes sure that I take them every day as I'm supposed to. He is very understanding and I feel I'm in the best hands with him as my doctor!

Marti Collins
Marti is kind, fun and she hears me out and tries to resolve issues. She never makes me uncomfortable!

Tracy Condon
Tracy is super awesome and friendly. She always welcomes me and treats me as if I were a friend and that means so very much to me. Otherwise, I wouldn't want to come to my appointment!

Melody Shaw
She is always kind and helpful. I am always grateful to see her face. I feel more at ease as coming in is hard for me. Also, the other nurse often with her is always awesome and friendly. I appreciate that with all my heart!

Justin Nelson
I have been helped a great deal by Justin's intuitive understanding. He is kind and patient and has a gift for knowing exactly where I am. He does all this with an amazing sense of humor. I appreciate it!

Marlena Smith
Marlena is truly a hard worker!  She's gone above and beyond her duties to ensure that housing programs are running smoothly. Her dedication is greatly appreciated!

Mike Keevin
Mike has done an outstanding job organizing the numerous grants that we continue to get as well streamline the payee process. A huge thank you to all the hard work he has done!

Denise Valdez
Anyone that works with Denise knows that she is a huge advocate for preventing child abuse but also a great ambassador for Aspire. She has done such a great job with the set-up and implementation of Kids Talk. She is also such a great person to work with and Aspire is lucky to have her!

Kelly Gunn
Kelly is a great asset to our Aspire team. She is always willing and ready to triage clients as they come in seeking help. She has a kind and gentle spirit that I am sure shows through to the consumers. Thank you Kelly for all you do. You are very much appreciated.

Jeff Johnson
I just wanted to recognize Jeff A. Johnson for his efforts in keeping the team together and focused as a team.  Over the last two years he has coached his "team" through some very bad weather. Funding and policy changes within our major funder (VR) has caused many from the team to disband.  
Jeff has been great at modifying the team structure, corrects the "batting form" when necessary of his players, and cheers them on with his famous words, “ "Come on now, get your chin up, it's alright!" Jeff, thanks for keeping the team together. With you as our coach, we have full confidence we will win even when the odds are against our team!
Tom Havill
I have had 14 years of experience being cared for by Tom. He has always been extremely helpful and makes my visits easier!

Betsy Rosiek
I have had 14 years of experience being treated by Dr. Rosiek. She is excellent and my care has been fantastic!

Kelly Gunn
Kelly has been a great asset to our team. She is always very responsive when anyone needs help. I can always count on Kelly whenever we need help.

Mimi Adams
When a client became upset with me, Mimi spoke to the client and encouraged the client to talk with me. Mimi joined us to help facilitate the conversation when the client had difficulty expressing herself. Mimi's efforts eased the client's discomfort with me. The client was able to recover and have a good evening. Mimi is a great asset to DGH!

Wendy Dukes
A client became angry and obsessive which made it difficult for me to work with him and still serve the needs of other clients. When Wendy arrived to start her shift, the client immediately started anew on his complaints with her. Wendy was very gentle in her "Whoa!" response, affirmed client's anger, and told him to hold off because I needed to administer meds with other clients. Wendy's kind mannerism affected the client to such an extent that he calmed down and I was able to interact with the client in a positive manner. A huge thank you to Wendy for her wonderful response to curtail the client's raging behavior (that occurred for two hours nonstop) for a pleasant evening.

Barbara Brands
Barbara consistently goes above and beyond her job duties to help Aspire provide excellent service. She has helped providing training and support to other teams and has been actively involved in clinical orientation to ensure that new staff receive quality training. Most recently, she is helping to establish the InShape program that will help Aspire work towards our BHAG of 10 in 10. Barbara is true asset to Aspire!

Tara Ross
Tara has been a tremendous help in training a young team to learn how to best meet the needs of our clients. She saw a need and readily volunteered to go directly model job functions for new staff. She jumped in and figured out services needed for clients and made sure that it happened -reestablishing benefits and ensuring new staff knew how to keep the benefits in place. You are directly responsible for many of the successes occurring at WB RST. Your love of clients and desire to help others succeed is greatly appreciated!

Stefane Borders
Stefane can easily be described as an advocate and a coach. She works diligently to ensure that the needs of people who are unable to advocate for their own needs are met. This has led her to volunteer to see clients for therapy who had no available provider. It has led her to invest in new programs to educate herself on Early Psychosis to enhance programming at Aspire. Stefane then works to develop staff to help them best meet those client needs and to help strengthen the workforce at Aspire. Thanks for your many contributions to the success of our clients and our staff at Aspire!

Jody Hall
Jody recently passed his certification as a personal trainer and is officially Aspire's first InShape Skills Instructor. He is blazing a trail of a new way of working with clients that will be a key part of working towards Aspire's BHAG of 10 in 10. Congratulations Jody!

Linda Chambers
Linda always seems to help me. Even though she has not been through what I have, she tries to understand how I feel. She gives me good advice. We talk about things that are important to me.

Paul Brown
Paul always makes sure that I always have food and everything I need. He is always a really nice guy!

Paula Mullen
Paula is always enjoyable to be around and is always helpful. She makes me feel very comfortable to come here. I'm always satisfied when I leave here because of her. I wouldn't change anything. Keep up the great work!

Brita Olsen
After many years of knowing her, she always greeted me with her warm smile and good service. I feel good knowing that my records are in good hands with her.

Tom Havill
Tom, you are wonderful and can take a good joke and a good tease in the best of humor. The only other staff I tease are Bari and Kevin. Tom, you have always listened to my troubles and have been helpful and kind. You are a good therapist and, I can tell, a wonderful human being. Thanks!

Tom Havill
Approximately 20 years ago, I was in need of help. Tom helped me get into continuing care. I have progressed, I admit it has been rough sometimes because I have my own ideas of recovery. I pictured one day walking into his office and saying "I'm cured!" I'd be dressed nicely and carry my briefcase, ready for my next life challenge. But I have learned a life lesson at BehaviorCorp and Aspire that life changes start inside of me, and progress is the key to having a healthy lifestyle and learning new coping skills.

Peggy-Anne Hoy
Peggy is very helpful when I get upset. She is easy to talk to, helped to calm me down when I got upset because I couldn't get what I needed. She helped me ask the nurse practitioner for help. Thanks!
Sheila Wright     
I like it when Miss Sheila helps me when I feel that I can't help myself. I like it when she can take me to my doctor's appointments. I like it when she takes me shopping for food. I like it when she gives me a ride to those places. I like it when she helps me get things that I need with my own money. Sheila is a wonderful LSI and a great friend.

Kelly Fleischman
Kelly always greets me with a smile. She is polite and helpful. Her pleasant attitude makes my day go better.

May House Staff
The entire staff here was very respectful. You guys kept my mind occupied while I was going through the darkest time of my life. Thank you everyone. You honestly saved my life.

Deena Heller
When speaking with a family Deena recently saw for an assessment the mother of this client noted..."Deena is amazing, after just 15 minutes she had gotten through to my son and made the whole experience so positive.  She is awesome!"

Sheila Wright
Sheila goes out of her way nearly every week to see that I have time to take care of everything I have to do. I appreciate that very much.

Dr. Mike Nicholas
Thank GOD for Dr. Mike Nicholas!

Becky Oldham
Recently, Becky was put into a difficult situation with a community stakeholder who tried to use his authority and overstep his boundaries. Becky remained calm and handled the situation very professionally. Wow, a tense situation and she managed to remain composed!

Karen McNeely
Karen had a client who is dealing with an unexpected loss. She was willing to rearrange her schedule and give up part of her lunch hour to see him to provide support and address his needs after this loss. Her willingness to do this is greatly appreciated and shows her compassion for her clients.

Karen McNeely
While in group, a client had a seizure. While she was having it, Karen went to get her nurse Peggy. She cares for all of us. We play games and talk about what we have going on. Sometimes she lets me out early. She is to me the best ever staff and for Peggy the nurse.

Elizabeth Wright
Elizabeth has gone above and beyond to engage with a very tough family. The family has shared repeatedly how much help she has been! She has the ability to help them feel heard and safe; this has been an amazing change for the family and the team. She has also been a great support to anyone on the team to brainstorm and vent with. She always has the ability to be objective and positive. She has taken initiative to make referrals and is always asking how she can help! We appreciate her hard word and her true heart for the work she does with families.

Dr. Dale Sommers
My family has been seeing Dr. Sommers since his came to Lebanon. He is always so willing to listen and help. He is always positive and praising the kids when they do well. I am so happy to have him helping my children.

Sheila Wright
She made me do things that made me happy most of the time with what God gave me now with my meds.

Kathy Stewart
I have been bringing my adopted kids here for years. She is always so kind and helpful. I have some grandkids now who don't behave well. She has never had anything unkind to say and is always so positive.

Tracy Condon/Megan Willis
They make me feel very welcome. They are very happy people. They show concern for me. They listen to everything I tell them. If Aspire loses them, I will find a new doctor. That's how much I like them.

Tracy Condon/Megan Willis
They are very friendly. They listen to everything I tell them. They are very welcoming. They have compassion for me. They need a raise. If they quit or get fired, I will find a new doctor.

Aaron Goldsberry
Aaron always has admission or discharge info for any resident admitted or discharged from his group home, he updates all of thebilling info that is needed, gets payments or arrangements.   He answers all of the questions before they are asked. Always a smooth transition with his clients. And all the while he is super courteous. This is not a one time experience. It is every time. He is appreciated.

Ola Smith
Ola is such a positive, thoughtful individual and she has had a noteworthy impact in improving staff morale and increasing positive interactions among staff at the Brown Street office.  Examples of this are how Ola has taken the lead in coordinating with other DMS in the building unique ways to celebrate holidays and to express thanks to line staff for their work. As I write this, a lunchtime Luau is going on at Brown St. Some other events that Ola suggested and/or spearheaded include providing holiday puzzles in the break room for staff to work on during lunch time and breaks - this started at Christmas and has continued, she provided thank-you notecards to DMS at Brown Street to write personal notes to their staff at Thanksgiving, a Valentine's breakfast in which DMS prepared and served staff, etc. I have heard appreciative comments from staff at Brown Street about these events and ideas for building celebrations promoted by Ola since she came on board. She demonstrates the values of Aspire and is a role model for DMS. Her leadership is appreciated!

Kathy Stewart
In general, Kathy is a diplomatic liaison between clients and staff. She is very supportive and uplifting. She is a positive force in the office. She is always willing to help with questions.

David Wildman
This is not a one-time experience. Instead, this is an always-experience. David's professionalism is always there, but also genuine concern is shown. The Brown Street Child Team appreciates this staff member, and this Way to Go form provides an easy way to say thank you.

Heather Stevenson
Heather is first-class. I can discuss anything with her and get it off my chest. My life is better because of the tips that she has shared with me, and I look forward to our sessions. I look forward to a long and lasting relationship.

Chloe Brattain
Chloe was very helpful during a crisis situation last week! She dropped whatever she was working on to take a client to the hospital. Chloe asked what was needed of her and cheerfully jumped to it. The crisis department appreciates her assistance and dedication in keeping our clients safe!

Tom Harris
I am writing on behalf of Sgt. Angela Ellison with the Fishers Police Dept. and CIT leader. Tom was working on-call Crisis this past week and received a call from a person reporting thoughts of suicide. Tom engaged the caller and then requested CIT police intervention when it became evident the person's safety was at risk. There were several calls between Tom, the individual in crisis over the course of a few hours as the caller continued to drive or change locations.  During the intervention, Tom maintained contact with the caller as the emotions and risk escalated. Police were able to locate the person and transport them to the hospital. The police confirmed that the person had possession of a gun. Sgt. Ellison wants Tom and Aspire to know that "Tom did a good job keeping the police and person engaged... he saved a life." I am proud and appreciative of Tom and the dedication, compassion, and skill demonstrated every day but especially in this high risk situation. Thank you, Tom! You are amazing!  Words are not enough to express our gratitude.....

Ed Battoe
Ed lets me make decision for myself and supports my decisions and reflects on them. He thinks my choices are good or finds time to tell me the benefits would be favorable in the choices I make, Thumbs up to Ed Battoe!

Kori Jennings
Kori is amazing! She has gone above and beyond in the past year to help with my needs. She exhibits a strong sense of empathy when working/helping me. She's a keeper! Thanks Kori!

Paula Mullen
Client wanted to spell her name different than the legal spelling listed on ID and Insurance card, client was insistent about this. This would have delayed insurance payments, if not insurance denying completely. Paula did speak to client again and explained why it was important to have correct legal name, client then signed all new Intake paperwork correctly. Paula went above and beyond for this client to make sure client's insurance would not delay payment due to client, even after client was being very difficult with Paula.

Lori Marley
Lori went out of her way for a client, to inform our client of an Insurance issue. The client's DOB was correct in our system, but not reported correctly to insurance. Lori explained to the client that she needed to call the insurance company asap to correct DOB. Client immediately called insurance company and reported correct DOB. This issue could have delayed or denied payments for services at Aspire.

Martin Hill
"Martin received a letter from one of his current consumers that helps outline the great work he does every day with consumers in Noblesville. Here are some excerpts from the letter:
""I appreciate your willingness to try to help me. I have had a lot of health care professionals cast me aside, and not respect what I'm really going through. You certainly have not done that.
Taking stock of the situation I have come a long way from when I first walked into your office. I was really struggling then, more than I could actually bring myself to admit.
I'm finding some peace.....sometimes its only moments during the day, sometimes its hours, and sometimes it is even entire days. This means so much to me. And I really want you to know that I'm trying so hard to get better, and if I'm being 100% truthful, I will admit I'm actually getting better.""

Sheila Wright
Sheila Wright is very kind and very helpful!

Bill Davis, Jr.
Even in a very intense and demanding environment, Bill is calm and thoughtful. He puts patient care first and is always an advocate. Despite the sometimes difficult situations, he has provided excellent guidance to as many as 21 staff members at one time. He is a mentor, a counselor, and a leader.

Anna Marhoefer
Anna always goes above and beyond, showing great care and leadership to her patients and her staff. She never asks anyone to do anything she's not willing to do and this is never more exemplified by the hard work she put in during the house's REAC inspection and the resulting high score that was received.

Dr. James Nicholas
I would like to thank Dr. Nicholas for helping me out. He is one of the best psychiatrists around!

Deena Heller
My frustration with trying to find the right doctor and medications has been a several month process. I have felt overwhelmed, defeated and lost, until today. Today, Deena went above and beyond to help guide me in the right direction to where I can best be treated. She was kind, direct and empathetic. What a breath of fresh air. I am truly leaving Aspire feeling like I am finally headed on the right path and it's all due to Deena and her kindness! Thank you Deena!

Heidi Bates
On 6/20/16, when we had company-wide outages, Heidi was fully prepared and extending all the excellent customer service she could ALL DAY!! This girl did not stop fighting the good fight and doing everything she could for our clients and other staff members. Her drive helped me carry on that day. I really appreciate Heidi and her overall positive attitude!

Hillary Hanna
A new client was attempting to have an intake done to enter into substance abuse treatment.  We did not have enough staff to complete an intake today and he was going to have to come back AGAIN! Hillary asked me to triage the client to make sure he wasn't at risk before we asked him to come back another day. Hillary also understood the need to offer something to this client who is seeking treatment for addiction, knowing he might not come back if he has more time to change his mind. After I met with the client and apologized that we would not be able to complete his intake until next week, the client said, "that's okay, Hillary was very gracious up front and already told me I'd have to come in next week." THANK YOU for caring Hillary and being so professional!!!

Brooke Inman
Last Tuesday the computer system went down organization wide. Brooke handle the situation so well!  When I would come to the front desk she was still smiling and laughing, even though she couldn't answer the phones, check voice mails, help clients in the lobby with answers she needed in MIX or support the staff working with her. I was so thankful that she didn't get upset; she was inspiring. When I looked at her doing so well, it calmed me down.

Bari Campbell and Kevin Leachman
I had a client in for a nursing med review on Wednesday 6/21/17 who at the end of the appt advised that she did not have a ride home. She told me that she had been dropped off by her daughter's counselor who was on her way to another appt. It was late in the afternoon. We tried a relative who was unable to pick up the client. Hamilton County Express could not accommodate client either. Client has medicaid but had no idea with entity was responsible for her care. I contacted transportation supervisor B. Campbell who arrange for Mr Leachman to take client home. Ms Campbell will follow up with client about her transportation needs in the future appts since she does have Medicaid transportation on her insurance.

Pat Warrick
Pat is very professional. I had 4 sessions of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)  - I came to her a hot mess through this technique. Pat helped me to overcome some traumatic situations that I NEVER thought I would ever be able to work through. Thanks to this technique and Pat's professionalism, patience and understanding, I have finally faced the demon and successfully worked through my traumatic situation. Thanks Pat! Aspire should be very proud to have pat on the team. Thank you to everyone.

Amy Newhouse
Amy has always shown compassion, patience and professionalism since my first appointment. Her professionalism is 5 stars! Amy listens and gives her heart in all she works for. I'm very blessed to have her in my life. She truly cares! For all of her efforts and top notch professionalism, I'm very grateful for all of her hard work!! Aspire should be very proud to have Amy! Thank you to everyone!

Renee Day
Renee is a sweetheart, very caring, a great listener, and very tuned in to whatever crisis I might be having. She is, in my belief, a top notch professional. I'm very thankful that she is my counselor. Renee works through her heart! Aspire should be very proud of Renee's efforts and professionalism. Thank you to everyone!

Sarah Richardson
Sara is extremely positive. She helps me to keep my goals within a normal "range of acceptance," and this has a definite impact on my life at the moment.

Sheila Wright
Sheila Wright is always these when I need her to be. She is also a very good friend to me. I really could not do everything I have to do without Sheila. I know from experience that Sheila is without a doubt one of the best mental health workers I have had in the last 48 years of my illness - I am Bipolar II. Give her a raise! She really deserves one. Thank God for Sheila!