Employee Spotlight August 2017

This issue’s Employee Spotlight is on Jody Hall! Jody recently became Aspire’s first certified personal trainer in the national InSHAPE program. He became certified by the Athletics and Fitness Association of America after completing a very difficult course that took months of his free time after work and on weekends.

We’re recognizing Jody’s efforts because he will be using his new certification to help those we serve here at Aspire Indiana. The InSHAPE program is designed to promote fitness among people with a serious and chronic mental illness (SMI) and to inspire and help individuals learn skills to take better care of their physical health. As all of us at Aspire know, SMI individuals die 10 years on average sooner than their peers without SMI. It is our hope that the InSHAPE program will help in our “10 in 10” BHAG goal, which is extending the lives of patients with serious mental illness by 10 years in the next 10 years. InSHAPE exercise skills and goals are designed to help with the range of common co-occurring conditions among the SMI population, including obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure.  

InSHAPE was developed by Monadnock Family Services in Keene, New Hampshire, in 2002. Dartmouth University has been part of coordinating the research and data collection of this program, which includes a select few facilities throughout the country. Aspire Indiana is very proud to have been selected to participate.  

We know Jody will do a great job leading this important new program, which epitomizes Aspire’s primary aim of providing integrated care for the individuals that we serve. The program kicked off at the Carmel and Willowbrook RST offices and several individuals have already enrolled. Jody works with them at local gyms, in their homes, and outdoors when weather permits. The pace of the program is based on individual needs and capabilities.

Jody says he hopes those he is serving in the program get “peace of mind and wellness that they have never felt.” He says he will use his “special way of encouragement to get them out and motivated when they are feeling down.” Jody is certainly living up to his motto, "Doing Something is Better Than Nothing!"

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