Sydney Ehmke, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Aspire Indiana Health, Inc.

Sydney Ehmke, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Aspire Indiana Health, Inc.

Aspire Indiana Health and Wellness Program

Greetings to all from Aspire Indiana Health, Inc. (AIH)! We’re very excited to offer a new program to all full-time employees who are participating in Aspire’s Employee Health Care Insurance. In addition to the current QuadMed program,  AIH will be able to offer on-site health centers where you work ﹘ some location exceptions will apply. Our medical providers are focused on maintaining and improving your current health status, educating you about proactive ways to boost your health and partnering with you in your journey to good health. It’s our hope that the personalized, prevention-focused care we provide will enhance your well-being, your health and ultimately your life.  

Beginning July 5, 2016, AIH will be able to see employees and their dependents and spouses if they're covered under the Aspire Indiana healthcare plan. We offer:  On-site Medications, Lab Tests, and Easy Scheduling.

Medical Records
If you wish, your medical records can easily be transferred from another provider, including QuadMed, to AIH with your written consent. We can guide you through the process of transferring your records and it's suggested that the transferred records be summaries of care, current medication lists and labs that show the most relevant and recent information.

Everyone is concerned about the privacy of their medical records so we've spent an extensive amount of time and effort behind the scenes to make sure that all employee charts are labeled “VIP” in order to keep your records secure and confidential.

Making Appointments
Making appointments is easy! Here are all of your options:  
1.    call the AIH office at 765-393-3891
2.   ask the front desk staff to schedule you on one of the books that are open *
3.   request an appointment through Google Forms (on intranet)
4.   request an appointment through the portal (after first appointment)
5.   or just walk down to the health center and talk with the medical assistant about appointment availability

We hope to see you soon!
To Good Health!
Syd Ehmke, VP Primary HealthCare/COO Aspire Indiana Health.

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