Employee Spotlight

Linda Chambers, RN, MSW, LCSW

The dopamine and endorphin high is real.  Hard to explain, but absolutely life changing.  All my finish-line shots prove it.  I was retired for about five years and came back to work for extra money to be able to do our "ra-cations" race vacations.  Kelly and I travel each weekend to new places. I run the race and Kelly does photography, then we do touristy things. My goal is to finish a half or full marathon in 50 states, I've done 10.  It's a family activity and often includes my grown children and grandchildren.

I'm a 65 years old grandma, RN, MSW, LCSW, have worked in health care for nearly 40 years, critical care, home care, hospice, psych, addictions, research and telehealth nursing. 

I run a half marathon race every weekend - 13.1 miles of pure joy!  My husband, Kelly Chambers, MD retired from his medical practice in Anderson September 2014.  We walked a few charity 5K races as something new to try. In the fall, I attended Olympian Jeff Galloway's running retreat in Florida. One month later I completed my first half marathon in Naples Florida and a full marathon 26.2 miles in Missoula Montana in July 2015. Over the past year and a half, I have finished 85 races including 3 full marathons and 30 half marathons.  I do road races and trail courses in below zero wind chill and 90 degree melt downs. I love them all.  My goal is always to be upright and smiling at the finish line.  I have met amazing, courageous people in the pack of the back with me, the slow runners.  I encourage those around me to have fun and get healthy.  I never let a newbie runner give up or finish alone.

This year I am focusing on military races. My family has a proud history of military and law enforcement service. In September, I will complete a three race challenge called the Ultimate Warrior in Washington DC to honor veterans and raise funds for surviving families.  In October I will run the Marine Corp full marathon which starts at Arlington cemetery and follows a course around Washington's iconic landmarks.  I've finished races on Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force bases.  The (hashtag22) #22 veterans is a motto everyone in mental health care should be aware of.  A VA study in 2012 estimated 22 veterans commit suicide every day.  The #22 challenge is to do 22 push-ups to remember them.  Some of my friends and I will drop half way through a race and do 22 and one extra for the "unknowns"; the ones who still suffer. I have personally experienced the fallout of suicide by losing my grandfather (National Guard), my uncle (Air Force), my brother-in-law (Viet Nam Marine) and two cousins to suicide.  Also, I had to remove a 18 yo girl from a shower bar who took her life while I was working. Suicide is real.  

And I've experienced the deaths of my mother (WW II Cadet NurseCorp), father (Navy) my first husband (Army sergeant) and my oldest son to medical conditions. My own healing comes from the belief of "do something, say something".  

I belong to organizations that raise money and awareness for veterans and mental health.  Wearblue.org Run to RememberTeamrwb.org (team red white blue)  Medalsofhonor.orgBattleBuddies.org (places service dogs with veterans with PTSD).
I am a running ambassador for Kathryn Switzer's organization #261Fearlessambassadors.  She fought for women's rights to compete in athletic events and continues to empower females.  She ran as the first numbered female athlete in Boston marathon 1967.

(L-R) Jody Horstman, Senior Director, Comprehensive Outpatient Services; Auburn Miller, Home Based Therapist; Jennifer Olston Manager, Comprehensive Services

(L-R) Jody Horstman, Senior Director, Comprehensive Outpatient Services; Auburn Miller, Home Based Therapist; Jennifer Olston Manager, Comprehensive Services

Auburn Miller Receives the Jessica McCarthy Award

Auburn Miller, Home Based Therapist of Aspire Indiana, was recently awarded the Jessica McCarthy Award for Excellence in Wraparound Facilitation. This annual award recognizes youth-serving professionals who go above and beyond to improve the lives of children with serious emotional and behavioral challenges, and their families through outstanding efforts in applying wraparound values and systems of care principles.

Among the nominees, Ms. Miller stood out because she provided intensive home based therapy to a family for over a year. She advocated for the youth's and parent's needs with other providers throughout the year. She remained patient and professional during family crises, and provided good support and counsel. Ms. Miller understands the wraparound values, which means she listens to the family, emphasizes what's working instead of what's not working, participates as part of a "team", and she never gives up.

Ms. Miller received her award during the Indiana Systems of Care Annual Conference earlier this month. The Award was established in memory of Jessica McCarthy. Jessica was the Benton County, Indiana, system of care coordinator when she was tragically killed in an automobile accident in February 2009.

Welcome New Employees!

  • Cathy Armstrong, Life Skills Coach, Hudson
  • Savita Bokil, Supervisor Comprehensive Services, Hamilton County
  • Danielle Bracken, Life Skills Instructor, Carmel RST
  • Lincoln Brooks, Social Enterprises, Vending Operator
  • Haylie Buckingham, Life Skills Coach, Deaf Group Home
  • Kikuko Campbell, Manager of Comprehensive Services, Brown Street
  • Stacy Crouch, Director, School Based Services, Carmel OP
  • Chiu-Ying (Shawna) Chung, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Carmel OP
  • Kyle Denton, HIV Care Coordinator, Bolin
  • Ben Ford, Care Coordinator, Chase RST
  • Janisha Graves, Life Skills Coach, Hartung
  • Hillary Hanna, Support Associate, Carmel OP
  • Timothy (Tim) Hunt, Supervisor, Social Enterprise Services-Vending
  • Kortney (Kori) Jennings, HIV Care Coordinator, Richmond
  • Haley McCandless, Life Skills Coach, May House
  • Dennis McCoy, Care Coordinator/LSI Home-Based, Brown Street
  • Sandy Nevils, Crisis Care Coordinator, Carmel OP
  • Danielle Rivieccio, Life Skills Instructor, Carmel RST
  • Mark Sattler, Director Comprehensive Services, Willowbrook OP
  • Stephanie Sciaudone, Nurse Practitioner, Aspire Indiana Health
  • Beth Smith, Direct Service Coordinator, Willowbrook RST
  • Deborah Whitney, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Carmel OP
  • Mariah Williamson, Life Skills Coach, Deaf Group Home
  • Emily Wolfert, Care Coordinator/LSI Home-Based, Brown Street


She is always cheerful & helpful, she knows her job well and is thorough. Abby is always willing to go the extra mile!
--Jessica Slaven
It is true that Abby is always friendly and outgoing, and willing to help. But this nomination in particular is in regards to her efforts to insure that all individuals who come into Aspire have the opportunity to get linked with health insurance (through the entitlement Specialist) or linked when there are issues around HIP or Medicaid.
--Tina Skeel
She is good at what she does. She is compassionate and really knows her stuff. She has been an awesome addition to the NOP team.
--Kelly Fleischman


Barb has worked to bring us together. Barb initiated a Yatzee game, organized a goodbye party for Deanna and a baked a birthday cake for Mike. She deserves to be awarded Support associate of the month.
--Rachel Sims

She is helpful, organized, and supportive. She stays aware of birthdays and works to make others feel special and included. Her smile is heartwarming.
--Heather Moody

Barb does an amazing job every day providing assistance and support to everyone at the Elwood office. She is able to be flexible with the many changes and additions to her position and we just appreciate all that she does.
--Susan Cantin

Congratulations to Abby Frederick and Barbara Borders for doing a great job! Please help us congratulate Abby and Barbara for their outstanding work!

  • August 2015: Kim Nipper
  • September 2015: Lexi Dollens
  • October 2015: Kelly Fleischman
  • November 2015: Mary Wilham
  • December 2015: Kathy Stewart
  • February 2016: Emily Jarvis
  • March 2016: Stephanie Bostrom
  • April 2016: Lori Webb
  • May 2016: Rayona Haynes
  • June 2016: Abby Frederick

Support Associate of the Month, which began in August of last year, was designed to let our consumers and staff know what a great job they do every day and to show our appreciation for their hard work.

What’s New in Social Enterprises?

Social Enterprises has a lot of exciting things going on.  One of the requests that has been made was to add healthier items to the vending machines.  We are not going to do that, but...we have heard you.  Harvestland Farm has a farm store, located at 6775 State Road 32 West, Anderson, IN 46011.  We offer a lot of “healthier” options in the store.  We are going to bring some of those options to the breakrooms.  Harvestland Farm is placing a new rack in the breakroom at five Aspire locations: 2020 Brown Street, Carmel, Noblesville Admin, Noblesville OP, and Willowbrook.  

The racks will be stocked with a mixture of fresh fruit, dried fruit, bread, honey, protein bars, and a few other items.  We are operating on the honor system and only accepting cash.  Please place your money in the blue zipper bag located on the rack, where there is change available too.  

Thank you for supporting Social Enterprises and Harvestland Farm.  Every apple or jar of honey sold makes a difference in someone's life.  It truly is employment with a mission!  If you have any questions, please contact us at HarvestlandFarm@aspireindiana.org.