Vending Services is a social enterprise and we create employment opportunities for individuals who have disadvantages.

Having a job creates a sense of self worth and accomplishment. Through coaching and teaching, we help these individuals learn valuable job skills and overcome some of the barriers they face. Things that come easy to us, like finding and keeping a job, present a real challenge to many others.

When you choose Aspire to provide your vending service, you are supporting people that live in our community. Since the revenue that is generated goes back into the Social Enterprise program, we are able to hire more staff as we grow. Aspire Vending is a lot more than just soda and snacks. It truly is "Vending with a mission.”

Sodas, Drinks, Candy, and Snacks

Our soda machines are provided by Coke and Pepsi. We can meet your needs with several options of drinks in either cans or bottles. 

We offer snack machines stocked with the popular varieties of chips, snacks, and candy. All you have to do is provide the location for the machine and our staff will restock and maintain it. An item list with prices is available upon request. 

Coffee, Tea & Hot Chocolate

Do you drink a lot of coffee at your workplace? We offer coffee brewers and cappuccino makers that we‘ll install in your place of business. When you place your order for coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate, or any of the other supplies that we offer, they’ll be delivered to you. An item list with prices is available upon request.

Break Room Supplies

We also offer a wide variety of break room supplies—everything from cups and plates to utensils, napkins, and coffee stirrers. All are delivered directly to you. Every bottle of soda, every cup of coffee, and every bag of chips makes a difference in the lives of others.

Contact Us

At Vending Services our customers are our partners. If you are interested in partnering with us to make a difference in people’s lives, then contact us by phone at: (317) 431-7736 or email us at: