Trusa Grosso
Senior Director, Healthcare Integration

Trusa Grosso, senior director of Healthcare Integration at Aspire Indiana, holds a bachelor’s degree from Rhodes College and an MSW from the University of Alabama. As a licensed clinical social worker, Trusa has over 25 years of experience as an administrator and clinician in various settings, including hospital administration, corrections, outpatient mental health services, and as a faculty member with the University Of Tennessee School Of Medicine’s Department of Psychiatry. In addition to the responsibilities of teaching medical students and residents, she was a practitioner with the University’s private practice arm, UT Medical Group. There she practiced in an outpatient multi-specialty clinic that included primary care physicians as the practice anchor.

Trusa was integral in the development and implementation of a primary care integration model supported by a HRSA grant, serving as Director of Primary Care Integration for Aspire Indiana. Since 2004, she has worked toward integrating primary health and mental healthcare, speaking at several workshops and testifying before the Indiana Mental Health Transformation Subcommittee.

After an eight month absence, Trusa rejoined Aspire in October 2008 and became the Director of the Noblesville office, where she had the responsibility of merging two Noblesville offices. In 2011 Trusa assumed the role of Senior Director of Outpatient Services and currently oversees offices serving Madison, Hamilton, Boone, and Marion Counties. As the Senior Director of Outpatient Services at Aspire Indiana, Trusa manages clinical programming, financial planning, quality improvement, and marketing. She also coordinates program activities with the assistance of outpatient directors, supervises outpatient directors, and works with outpatient directors to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of day-to-day operations within all outpatient facilities.
Trusa is a seasoned manager with experience in hospital systems and the continuum of outpatient psychiatric care. She was awarded the NASW Tennessee Social Worker of the Year Award in 1998 and has served on several private and State boards in the course of her career.

"I am a strong believer in the integration of health and behavioral healthcare. My experience at the University of Tennessee underscored my belief in the mind-body connection and the power of behavioral intervention. I am excited to see the amount of research that has recently been produced supporting integrated models and look forward to the impact that will have on the way health and behavioral healthcare professionals practice.”

Trusa and her husband, Wayne, live in Westfield with their son, cat, and two very large Labrador Retrievers.

Margaret (Maggie) Harvey
Director of Revenue Management

Maggie Harvey is a graduate of Ben Davis High School in Indianapolis, and is a 1993 graduate of Indiana University, Indianapolis. She graduated with a BS in Business and a concentration in Accounting and has been working in healthcare revenue and receivables since 1991. Maggie is currently the director of Revenue Management at Aspire.  

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, flea markets, and working on her family tree.

Dr. Jody Horstman
Senior Director, Comprehensive Outpatient Services

Dr. Jody Horstman, senior director of Comprehensive Outpatient Services at Aspire, is a licensed psychologist and HSPP. Dr. Horstman joined Aspire in March of 2012 and serves as Senior Director of Youth & Family Community Services. Dr. Horstman has served as a Clinical Therapist/Psychologist, an Outpatient Manager, and Director of Child & Adolescent Services at an Indiana community mental health center for 22 years, prior to joining Aspire.

Dr. Horstman has extensive experience working in collaboration with family- and youth-serving organizations in the development and implementation of programs. These programs and services include school-based services, alternative classrooms, Wraparound and CA-PRTF, therapeutic foster care, independent living services, home-based services, therapy services in partnership with residential providers, and general outpatient services. Dr. Horstman worked closely with Indiana’s Department of Child Services (DCS) in implementing the DCS Medicaid Initiative and continues to serve on that workgroup at the state level.

Dr. Horstman also has extensive experience in disaster mental health, having served with the American Red Cross in New York following 9/11, as part of the Indiana Task Force that assisted Mississippi following Hurricane Katrina, and most recently worked in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake. She is a member of Indiana’s State Disaster Mental Health Team and a trainer of Psychological First Aid (PFA).

Dr. Jody Horstman was born and raised in southern California, moving to Indiana for her pre-doctoral internship in 1990. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Behavioral Science from California State Polytechnic University and her Master of Arts and Doctoral Degrees in Clinical Psychology from the United States International University in San Diego, California.

Susan Maier
Director of Business Development

Susie began a career in Social Work in 1995. She graduated from Anderson University with a Master’s Degree in Social Work and entered the Advanced Standing Master’s program at IUPUI to graduate with her Master’s Degree in Social Work in 1996. She holds licenses in clinical social work and clinical addiction counseling. Her career has taken place primarily in Madison County, Indiana and now she travels throughout our Aspire locations in her new role. Susie was first employed with what is now called the Anderson Center of St. Vincent’s as an outpatient therapist and was promoted to the director of outpatient therapy services in 1998. Susie has had special education and training in substance abuse treatment, problem gambling treatment, crisis intervention training, employee assistance training, stress management, and suicide prevention. Recently, Susie went to training to become a forensic interviewer for the Aspire child advocacy center, Kids Talk. She has given countless presentations about mental health and addiction in the communities in which she has served and has been actively participating on community committees such as the Madison County Child Sexual Abuse Task Force, the Madison County Community Mental Health Coalition, the United Way Board of Directors and was the chair for the Department of Child Services Child Protection Team.
In 2007, Susie returned to the place where she had her Master’s training at what was then called the Center for Mental Health. She has been the director for comprehensive outpatient services at Aspire in Madison County for nearly nine years and has recently been promoted to the position of Director of Business Development for Aspire. While the director of comprehensive services for Aspire, Susie was the lead developer of Kids Talk, the Aspire child advocacy center in Madison County, Indiana. Her awards have included a Shining Star Award and the Champions for Children Award.  

“I believe in the power of recovery for anyone who suffers from mental illness and/or addiction. I have been very fortunate to work with colleagues who believe in the philosophy that people can and do recover every day if given a voice and a choice in their healing.”

Susie has raised two children and now has four granddaughters with whom she enjoys spending time. Her hobbies include reading, cooking, watching football and basketball and walking whenever possible.

Kelly Howe
Senior Director, Rehabilitation Services

Kelly Howe, MS, senior director of Rehabilitation Services at Aspire Indiana, began work at Aspire as a part-time residential coach. While Kelly was attending Anderson University, she never envisioned what is now her long-standing career in community mental health. Kelly was a criminal justice and family science major at Anderson University, and because she comes from a family who believes that community involvement is important, she knew she would work in the human services field, but was surprised and pleased to discover her affinity for working with those who are suffering from serious mental illness.

While she was the coordinator of the Elwood office and HIV/case management services, Kelly earned her Master of Science in Management degree from Indiana Wesleyan University. That degree enabled Kelly to have a 360 degree perspective of community mental health and its operations. She worked in the Elwood office for several years until she was promoted to the Director of Satellite Operations. She eventually became the Community Support Services Director and became known as the expert on rehabilitative services for the agency.

"Aspire has the feel of family to me. I know so many people at Aspire that I am very blessed to work with.”

Kelly was raised in Kentucky with several generations of family surrounding her. Stories of her parents, grandparents, and other family who are all part of what makes Kelly such an accessible person to get to know. What is clear when one talks with Kelly is how important it is to her that the values about respect and honesty she learned while growing up are just as important to her today. Kelly is very active in her church and she resides in Alexandria, IN with her husband, Craig, who is a teacher, and her daughter Emma.

Jim Skeel
Senior Director, Performance and Outcomes

Jim Skeel, senior director of Performance and Outcomes at Aspire Indiana, earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1991 from Ball State University (BSU) in Muncie, Indiana, and published the results of a research project in the Journal of Social Psychology. He earned a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology from BSU in 1993, while he worked as a graduate assistant. As a graduate assistant, he taught experimental psychology laboratory classes. Upon graduation, he accepted a position with BSU and was employed by the Counseling and Psychological

Services department. He worked for about four months as a research assistant, presenter and trainer for a grant project. Jim, along with two staff psychologists, trained Kuwaiti University Social Workers how to provide mental health services for returning troops, prisoners of war, and released political prisoners from the Iraq invasion of Kuwait.

In 1993, Jim began clinical work at Charter Beacon Behavioral Health Systems in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He worked primarily in Charter’s outpatient offices providing counseling to all populations, while also coordinating intensive outpatient programs and an alternative education program for children and adolescents. He worked very closely with community partners in juvenile probation, schools, child protective services, domestic violence shelters, and child abuse advocacy agencies. While working in northern Indiana, he was an instructor for Ivy Tech, an Indiana community college, where he taught introduction to psychology to mostly non-traditional and working students.

Jim has been with Aspire Indiana since 1999, and has held the positions of Child Team Manager, Clinical Director of Outpatient Services, and Quality Improvement Director. He provided direct oversight and leadership within the organization to the child and adult clinical service units, information systems department, medical records department, utilization review department, and quality improvement. He has also been responsible for the development and maintenance of community relationships, contract relationships with managed care companies, insurance companies, accreditation bodies, and state government entities. He assisted the organization in a corporate merger to form Aspire Indiana through leadership and involvement in a variety of work teams designed to align clinical and support functions within the merged company.

As the Senior Director of Performance and Outcomes, Jim supervises the Utilization Review (UR) Department which monitors the volume of services provided to individual consumers and processes or facilitates authorization for further services with the third-party funders.

Jim also chairs the Utilization Management Committee. This committee reviews performance indicators such as wait time, service mix, volume, and clinical outcomes. The Utilization Management Committee reviews fidelity to evidence based practices and other external service audits. All of this data is used to make service provision recommendations and decisions to maintain the highest quality of care for Aspire’s consumers in the most cost effective manner possible.

David Speicher, Senior Director, Information Systems

David Speicher, senior director of Information Systems earned a bachelor’s degree from Purdue University, West Lafayette in Computer and Electrical Engineering Technology in 2003. After that Speicher commissioned and validated environmental control systems and data centers for pharmaceutical manufacturers, biotech companies and other critical environments subject to FDA's Title 21 CFR Part 11 (electronic signatures and electronic records). Some highlights include his award winning work in South Korea at Choongewae Pharmaceuticals, teaching a course in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and time spent at the Pentagon providing software solutions to meet post 9/11 security requirements.

From there, Speicher used his relational database knowledge and experiences to help develop behavioral health specific solutions for Aspire's Electronic Health Record (EHR) System and three other centers in Indiana through Aspire's subsidiary Archeon. First up was Medicaid Rehabilitation Option (MRO) and Medicaid Pending feature that streamlines the process for staff, automates a payer friendly daily charge, and saves agencies money by maximizing charges on an electronic claim. With David's help, Archeon has become an industry leader in Indiana State Reporting by incorporating dynamic decision support, real-time feedback, and a no manual or handbook needed approach. Speicher led the development of the automated MRO Service Pack and utilization feature. Other highlights include live DMHA performance measures, an innovative hierarchical method to person centered treatment planning, and Department of Child Services (DCS) integration and tracking, and physician E&M calculator. David also manages Archeon's secure telepresence video conferencing and telehealth portal. 

In February 2015, David was brought on as Aspire's Senior Director of Information Systems. In this role, David has brought in a culture of innovation and increased security: taking Aspire to the cloud, agency wide multi-factor authentication, and engaging employees with state-of-the-art mobile and collaboration tools. He continues to look around the corner for Aspire with a focus on business analytics and strategy, integration, and delighting staff and consumers.

Speicher currently serves on the Consumer Advisory Board for Medinformatix (EHR and Practice Management software) for Ambulatory Care.

David and his wife Kristen, a pharmacist, live in Westfield and are busy with their two sons. In his free time, David is an avid mushroom hunter, hiker, and movie buff.

Melissa Stayton
Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives

Melissa Stayton, director of Strategic Initiatives at Aspire Indiana, began as the Grants Manager and eventually became the organization’s Controller. Melissa shifted to a role within the Business Development Department. As the Director of Strategic Initiatives, she provides direct oversight to the payee program, HIV/AIDS Care services, Housing Services, and grants management.

Melissa holds a Master’s in Business Administration from Indiana Wesleyan University. She completed her master’s degree while working full-time with the organization, as well as balancing the many demands of a family. She developed many skills pursuing her degree, and felt drawn to develop and lead other individuals. Her dedication to providing outstanding service in conjunction with quality work has allowed her to develop strategic goals for future growth within her department. One area of growth relative to her current role is the implementation of a regional continuum of care committee. This committee meets quarterly and discusses the housing concerns within four area regions. To date, Melissa has recruited over twenty individuals who serve as members on this committee.

Janey Trout
Senior Director, Human Resources

Janey Trout, Senior Director of Human Resources, has an extensive background in Human Resources with over twenty-three (23) years of Human Resources experience in a variety of industries, such as revenue, transportation, economic development and public schools. Ms. Trout has expertise in the areas of recruitment, policies, organizational development, workforce planning, benefits, payroll administration, Human Resources technology, employee relations and training.  

Janey has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Taylor University, Upland, Indiana and began her professional work career as a therapist and caseworker in the area of mental health at Park Center, Inc. and the Allen County Family and Social Services Agency.

Janey is excited to utilize her talents at Aspire and return to her first passion in mental health services. As the Senior Director of Human Resources, Janey will advise and counsel senior management and participate as a key decision maker regarding employment and workplace practices.  She will also provide leadership and coordination of Aspire’s Human Resources functions, develop and implement corporate Human Resources strategy and programs, lead the Human Resources Department by overseeing administration of employee relations, recruitment, retention, personnel records, legal compliance, benefits, payroll and training/development and will develop, maintain and administer policies and procedures.

While not at the office, Janey enjoys spending time with family and friends, antique shopping, and watching her daughter compete in equestrian events in Kentucky.

David Wildman

David Wildman, CPA, controller, was hired as the Accounting Supervisor in July 1995. David began his career at a pharmacy retailer as a summer intern before being promoted to Staff Accountant and later, General Accounting Supervisor. Upon purchase by a larger entity, he was hired as the Assistant Controller for an Indianapolis based vending and catering company. In 2009 David was given the role of Controller for Aspire Indiana, Inc.

David is a graduate of Warren Central High School in Indianapolis and is a 1987 graduate of Indiana University, Indianapolis. He graduated with a BS in Business and a concentration in Accounting. David passed the Certified Public Accountant exam in 1988 and was certified in 1993. David is also a member of the 2005 graduating class of Leadership Hancock County. In April 2012, David became a CGMA, Chartered Global Management Accountant.

As Controller, David oversees the accounting, facilities management and transportation departments of Aspire Indiana. Utilizing Financial Edge software, David manages the General Accounting and Accounts Payable functions with the assistance of a team of four staff members. Aspire Indiana has a team of six dedicated team members that oversees the facility management of nine office buildings, as well as multiple residential buildings. Many of these offices were recently constructed or recently renovated. The transportation department, with its eight staff members manages a fleet of over 30 vehicles used in the transportation of clients served by Aspire Indiana.

In his free time, David and his son own and operate a small hobby farm in Greenfield, Indiana. David is currently the Vice-President of Hancock County Farm Bureau, Inc. Board of Directors and has served as Director for seven years. With a strong commitment to serving youth, David has participated as a volunteer 4H leader in both Marion and Hancock Counties and has nearly 30 years of experience.

Medical Team

Aspire Indiana has medical staff to help consumers on their road to recovery, and they work closely with our therapists to help provide individualized treatments. Our medical staff are at each of Aspire’s office locations.

  • Betsy Rosiek, M.D., Medical Director/Vice President
  • Oleh Dzera, M.D., Staff Psychiatrist
  • Judi Knowles-Duncan, M.D., Staff Psychiatrist
  • Hua Luo, M.D., Staff Psychiatrist
  • Michael Nicholas, M.D., Staff Psychiatrist
  • James Nicholas, M.D., Staff Psychiatrist
  • Patricia Nikolov, APN, Advance Practice Nurse
  • Brett Presley, M.D., Staff Psychiatrist
  • Kelly Rhoadarmer, M.D., Independent Contract Physician
  • Dale Sommers, M.D., Staff Psychiatrist